Getting Started with Twilio SMS – Ideas, Resources, and Motivation

On Tuesday, we announced our newest product, the Twilio SMS for programatically sending and receiving text messages with your Twilio phone numbers.  We’ve also got a developer contest running this week that we’d love to see you get involved with.  For almost a year, we’ve been giving away a Netbook each week (and sometimes even more than one!) to the best app developed in different categories.  In honor of our SMS launch, this week’s category is SMS.

The use cases for SMS range from the obvious to the wild, so whatever you want to build to kick the tires we’re excited to see your submissions.  Keep in mind that they’re due by Sunday, February 14th at 11:59pm and you can submit here.

Ideas for Your First Twilio SMS App

With Twilio our goal has always been to make it as easy as possible for developers to integrate our API into their applications.  In fact, if Twilio is just 5% of the technical guts of your application that’s great – it means we’re doing it right.  So whether you have an application you’ve been aching to add SMS to, or have the time and motivation to build something from scratch, we encourage you to get involved.  Here are a few app ideas we’d love to see:

  • * automated SMS alerts when a new blog post comes into an RSS feed
  • * SMS birthday reminders for your Facebook friends
  • * group text messaging like Betwext, the winner of our SMS beta contest
  • * location based games
  • * turn by turn directions (not sure how you’d pull this off, but would be cool)

Steve Poland also wrote a blog post yesterday brainstorming a list of Twilio SMS App ideas that you might find helpful.  If you’re looking for other APIs to mashup Twilio SMS with, make sure to check out Programmable Web.


Resources to Get You Started with Twilio SMS

We’ve got tons of resources to help your adoption of Twilio SMS go smoothly.  From technical documentation to conceptual explanations, we’ve got you covered.  If we’ve missed anything and you’ve got questions, please drop us a line at – we’re always listening.

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