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Feature List and Known Issues


The following features are available in Flex:

  • Channels
    • Voice
    • SMS - BETA
    • WebChat
    • Facebook (no media) - BETA
    • WhatsApp(no media) - BETA
    • Bring your own channel
  • Cold Call Transfer to an agent - BETA
  • Cold Transfers to a queue - BETA
  • PCI Payments
  • Realtime Team Dashboard
  • Call Monitor - BETA
  • Single Agent Skilling
  • Historical dashboards and reports
  • Call Recording on/off

Known issues

Transfers call disconnect issue

This issue has been fixed in version 1.4.0 released on Jan 11, 2019

For all voice call tasks, customers are not disconnected if the Agent hangs up the call first. The call is only disconnected if the customer hangs up. If you do not want to experience this issue, transfers will have to be disabled in the Flex UI configuration. You can do that by setting the disableTransfers property to true

Call monitoring issues

To guarantee the stability of the call monitoring function, the supervisor must be in an unavailable state to invoke call monitoring.

Call monitoring is available only for inbound voice calls.

No multitab support

Out of the box, Flex can only be run in a single tab today. You may experience unstable behaviour with voice calls, if Flex is opened in more then one tab at the same time.

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