Twilio SMS and MMS Ruby Quickstart


Twilio Messaging allows you to:

  1. Receive SMS and MMS messages to your Twilio phone numbers and reply back with SMS and MMS messages
  2. Send SMS and MMS messages using Twilio's REST API
  3. Track SMS conversations
  4. Send SMS messages during phone calls

In the tutorials that follow, you can learn how to do all this yourself. You might also be interested in viewing this brief video overview of many of the techniques demonstrated in this quickstart.

Frequently asked questions

For specific details on what you can and can't accomplish using Twilio SMS please refer to the SMS FAQ

Before you start

This tutorial assumes you have a Ruby development environment with Sinatra and the twilio-ruby helper library. If you don't have these yet, please see our post on setting up your environment.

With that out of the way, let's go on to the next step.

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Need some help?

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