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Deactivated Phone Numbers

This resource lets you retrieve a list of United States phone numbers that have been deactivated by mobile carriers. These phone numbers are no longer in service for the subscriber who used to own that number. Twilio will update the set of available reports every day. These should be used periodically to remove these phone numbers from your opted-in subscriber list. For more information how to use these reports please see this FAQ.

Resource URI

All URLs in this documentation use the following base URL:

Fetching Deactivated Numbers

GET requests can be issued to /Deactivations to retrieve deactivated numbers.

Each request will retrieve the report for a single day. You should pass in a Date parameter (in YYYY-MM-DD format) to indicate what date's report you want to retrieve. Twilio will return a redirect to a url where you'll be able to retrieve that file.

There is only a single parameter on this request:

Parameters in REST API format
get date<iso8601> Not PII

The request will return a list of all United States Phone Numbers that were deactivated on the day specified by this parameter. This date should be specified in YYYY-MM-DD format.

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        Fetching deactivated numbers for September 5th 2020

        The response will return a signed url that will redirect you to where you can download the .txt of the deactivated numbers. This url will be valid for two minutes before expiring.

        Resource Properties in REST API format
        url Not PII

        Returns an authenticated url that redirects to a file containing the deactivated numbers for the requested day. This url is valid for up to two minutes.

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