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Studio Flow and Widget JSON Schemas

Official JSON Schemas for Studio Flow definitions and widgets are available in the list below. Flow definitions must adhere to these schemas when creating or updating via the Flows REST API.

These schemas can be used for reference or for client-side validation in your local development environment. For sample Flow definitions to use in your applications, use the JSON snippets from Studio Flow Definition.


        Flow Definition Schema


              Trigger Schema


                    Add TwiML Redirect Schema


                          Capture Payments Schema


                                Connect Call To Schema


                                      Enqueue Call Schema


                                            Fork Stream Schema


                                                  Gather Input On Call Schema


                                                        Make HTTP Request Schema


                                                              Make Outgoing Call v1 Schema (Deprecated)


                                                                    Make Outgoing Call v2 Schema


                                                                          Record Call Schema


                                                                                Record Voicemail Schema


                                                                                      Run Function Schema


                                                                                            Say/Play Schema


                                                                                                  Send & Wait For Reply Schema


                                                                                                        Send Message Schema


                                                                                                              Send to Autopilot Schema


                                                                                                                    Send to Flex Schema


                                                                                                                          Set Variables Schema


                                                                                                                                Split Based On Schema

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