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Record Voicemail

Record VM widget


Record Voicemail allows you to record the audio of a call and optionally transcribe it. Use this widget to save your conversation with customers. You can play back the audio file by referencing its URL in a Play widget using widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.RecordingUrl.

Note that Studio does not handle transcription processing automatically. You can specify the callback URL when transcription is complete and handle it yourself. Using a Function is a great way to customize the behavior, such as emailing the transcription, although it requires writing some code.

Optional Configuration



Supported Values


Stop Recording After __ Seconds Of Silence

Number of seconds of silence to wait before stopping recording integer 5

Stop Recording On Keypress

Keypress to stop the recording 0-9, #, * any key

Max Recording Length

Maximum length of a recording (in seconds) integer between 1 and 14,400 3600

Transcribe Audio to Text

Flag to enable transcription of the recording on/off off

Transcription Callback URL

(if transcribing) URL to receive the transcription results callback any URL


Trim the silence from the end of a recording Trim silence, Do not trim Trim silence
Play Beep

Play or suppress the beep before recording true, false true
Recording Status Callback URL to receive the recording completion callback Any valid URL or Liquid variable None


This Widget has two events that trigger transitions.



Recording Complete

When the Voicemail recording has completed.

No Audio (applies only to legacy Twilio Accounts)

When no recording occurs due to silence.


When the Caller has terminated the call.


Date Created widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.DateCreated
Date Updated widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.DateUpdated
Account SID widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.AccountSid
Call SID widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.CallSid
RecordingUrl widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.RecordingUrl
RecordingDuration widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.RecordingDuration
Price widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Price
Price Unit widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.PriceUnit
API Version widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.ApiVersion
Status widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Status
Source widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Source
Channels widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Channels

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