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Record Voicemail

Record VM widget


Record Voicemail allows you to record the audio of a call and optionally transcribe it. Use this widget to save your conversation with customers. You can play back the audio file by referencing its URL in a Play widget using widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.RecordingUrl.

Note that Studio does not handle transcription processing automatically. You can specify the callback URL when transcription is complete and handle it yourself. Using a Function is a great way to customize the behavior, such as emailing the transcription, although it requires writing some code.


Date Created widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.DateCreated
Date Updated widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.DateUpdated
Account SID widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.AccountSid
Call SID widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.CallSid
RecordingUrl widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.RecordingUrl
Duration widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Duration
Price widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Price
Price Unit widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.PriceUnit
API Version widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.ApiVersion
Status widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Status
Source widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Source
Channels widgets.MY_WIDGET_NAME.Channels

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