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Direct Brand U.S. A2P 10DLC Onboarding Guide

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Access to AT&T's and T-Mobile's (including Sprint) A2P 10DLC routes requires additional brand and campaign registration. We have exposed the requirements within the Console via the Trust Hub.

This registration will be available starting March 1, 2021 through Twilio Console, and via API shortly after. To see a list of the information required, see our Support Article How do I register to use A2P 10DLC Messaging.

U.S. A2P 10DLC Overview

This "direct brand" guide is for companies who want to register their own business A2P 10DLC messaging capabilities. Starting March 1st, 2021, registering for A2P 10DLC is a requirement for all Twilio customers sending messages in the United States over 10-digit long codes.

If you are an independent software vendor (ISV), undergoing this process for a client, please read our ISV U.S. A2P 10DLC Onboarding Guide.

U.S. Application-to-Person 10-digit long code (A2P 10DLC) messaging is the latest offering from U.S. carriers to help support the growing ecosystem of businesses texting their customers while protecting end users from unwanted messages. 10-digit long codes have traditionally been designed for Person-to-Person (P2P) traffic only, causing businesses to be constrained by limited throughput and heightened filtering. The launch and support of A2P 10DLC across all carriers in the United States provides good actors with increased deliverability and throughput, but also requires additional registration to build trust with carriers. There are associated fees with this registration process and also per-message carrier fees.

Please see our Support article for associated fees.

It’s best to think of U.S. A2P 10DLC in two main categories: (1) Routes, and (2) Registration. First, carriers prepare their routes ready for traffic on 10-digit long codes, after which they pass through additional fees per outbound message segment. Additionally, the carriers require that a message originator register their brand and message campaigns. Registered traffic immediately benefits from reduced filtering. Twilio has created a centralized process allowing customers to add and manage all necessary information via the Trust Hub.

In this guide, you will find a detailed explanation of how to register:

  1. A Primary Customer Profile
  2. Access to the U.S. A2P 10DLC ecosystem
  3. SMS Campaigns within the ecosystem

Trust Hub Onboarding

US A2P 10DLC registration will be available starting March 1, 2021 through Twilio Console, and via API shortly after. To see a list of the information required, see our Support Article How do I register to use A2P 10DLC Messaging.

Onboarding your brand and campaigns typically requires a single day of work, involving form fills and click-throughs. After you complete this process, you will benefit from lower filtering. When increased rate limits launch, you will automatically inherit those capabilities.

Actions Required (See below for step-by-step instructions):

  • Within the Trust Hub in the Twilio Console, create a Twilio Primary Customer Profile.
  • Submit your Customer Profile for U.S. A2P 10DLC capabilities (an A2P Brand).
  • Create new SMS Campaigns and attach them to a Messaging Service.

Required Customer Information for A2P 10DLC Registration

Business Information
  • Business Name
  • Physical Address (Street, City, State/Province/Region, Postal Code, Country)
  • Business Identity (Direct Customer or ISV/Reseller/Partner)
  • Business Type (Sole Proprietorship/Partnership/Corporation /Co-Operative/LLC/Non-Profit)
  • Company Status (Private/Public)
    • Stock Ticker & Exchange (if Public)
  • Business Registration Number & Type (DUNS or Business License)
  • Industry
  • Website
  • Regions of Operations
Points of Contact

Two authorized representatives with the following info:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Title
  • Phone Number
  • Job Position (Director/VP/GM/General Counsel/CEO/CFO)

If you currently do not use Messaging Services, you do not need to make any changes to your code. You can continue to pass a phone number in the From field when sending a message. Your phone numbers will need to be in a Messaging Service associated with your Campaign, but it is not necessary to send your Messaging Service SID in your API requests. However, you will need to add those phone numbers to a Messaging Service for SMS Campaign registration purposes. Using a Messaging Service also allows you to group phone numbers together for similar campaigns, making the registration process simpler.

Create a Customer Profile in Trust Hub (Brand Registration)

Within the Trust Hub in the Twilio Console, create your Twilio Primary Customer Profile. You will only need to register once to validate your business identity.

Please note: the submission may take up to 72 hours for approval.

You will need to include:

  • Under General Information: The Business name, Business Address, and other metadata
  • Under Business Information: The Identity within the ecosystem, the Business type and ID

US A2P 10DLC Onboarding: Creating a Customer Profile in Trust Hub

Submit for access to A2P 10DLC

Next, register your newly created Customer Profile for A2P 10DLC capabilities. This will live under the Programmable Messaging of the Twilio Console starting March 1st, 2021.

You will be approved within minutes of submitting.

You will need to include:

  • Your registered business
  • The A2P 10DLC Profile Name
  • Your Company type and stock information (if public)

US A2P 10DLC Onboarding: Submit for A2P approval

You can register more than one profile for A2P 10 DLC capabilities. Under A2P Messaging, click Register a Business Profile for US A2P to create another profile. Below, under A2P Messaging Profiles, you can manage your profiles as well as register campaigns (covered below).

US A2P 10DLC Onboarding: Access A2P Messaging

Register your Campaign

After creating and registering your profile, it is time to register an SMS Campaign that will go out over A2P 10DLC routes.

A Campaign represents a use case, such as marketing messages or order confirmations. A specific brand may have one or more Campaign, but the registration process is the same for each Campaign that you create. (For more on Campaigns, please see our Support FAQ on A2P 10DLC.)

This step will take several minutes to complete. From there, any phone number within the Messaging Service will be identified as A2P 10DLC with the associated campaign and should see lower filtering. For more information on how to add a phone number to your Messaging Service, please read our PhoneNumber Resource API Reference page.

You'll need the following information for the Campaign creation process:

Click the Create SMS Campaign button to create a new campaign. You can also click the Edit button to manage existing campaigns.

US A2P 10DLC Onboarding: Create & Manage Campaigns

As part of the SMS Campaign registration step, you must add it to a Messaging Service.

You will need to:

  • select a Messaging Service for your campaign
  • select a campaign type
  • describe your SMS campaign
  • add sample messages for your campaign.

US A2P 10DLC Onboarding: Create a Campaign with Sample Messages

When you've finished editing your Campaign, don't forget to hit the Save button!

What's Next?

To learn more about US A2P 10DLC, please read the following resources:

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