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The SendGrid Event Webhook sends email event data as SendGrid processes it. This means you can receive data in nearly real-time, making it ideal to integrate with logging or monitoring systems.

Because the Event Webhook delivers data to your systems, it is also well-suited to backing up and storing event data within your infrastructure to meet your own data access and retention needs.

Event types

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You can think about the types of events provided by the Event Webhook in two categories: deliverability events and engagement events.

  • Deliverability events such as "delivered," "bounced," and "processed" help you understand if your email is being delivered to your customers.
  • Engagement events such as "open," and "click" help you understand if customers are reading and interacting with your emails after they arrive.

Both types of events are important and should be monitored to understand the overall health of your email program. The Webhooks API allows you to configure your Event Webhook configurations.

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