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Microvisor Changelog


Microvisor Public Beta

Microvisor is in a pre-release phase and the information contained in this document is subject to change. Some features referenced below may not be fully available until Microvisor's General Availability (GA) release.

While Microvisor is in its Public Beta phase, this changelog will focus on breaking and other changes made to Microvisor components, such as the system calls, and its documentation to assist developers who are working on code in advance of the software's wider availability.

Once Microvisor enters General Availability (GA), this changelog will focus instead on the changes made to each version of Microvisor itself. Ancillary tools will have their own changelogs.


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Items older than 12 months have been removed


Microvisor Help and Support

We welcome all inquiries you may have about Microvisor and its implementation, and any support questions that arise once you've begun developing with Microvisor. Please submit your queries via a KORE Wireless ticket: log in to the Kore console(link takes you to an external page) and click the Contact Support button in the left-hand navbar.

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