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Cellular Modem Knowledge Base

Twilio’s Cellular Connectivity for IoT service is compatible with a wide range of devices from a variety of manufacturers. We have collected below a number of common configuration requirements, as well as some errata and solutions to common challenges, for many of the modules we've worked with in our lab.

The presence (or absence) of a module on this page does not necessarily indicate a device’s suitability (or unsuitability) for use on our networks, and is provided solely as an aid to help our customers with their implementations.

The information is arranged by manufacturer and device, with items common to a manufacturer located at the top of each section.


Firmware updates for Quectel cellular modules are typically available through Quectel support. Please reach out to your Quectel representative or Quectel Support for assistance with firmware updates.

BG 96 NB-IoT Cat M1

Known Issues

DNS servers may not be provided by the network on T-Mobile Narrowband

Firmware versions prior to BG96MAR03A06M1G may not receive valid DNS servers upon connection. Affected versions include, but are not limited to, BG96MAR02A06M1G and BG96MAR02A07M1G.

This issue does not impact GSM connections on T-Mobile or Cat M1, GSM connections using Super SIM.

This issue can be observed by connecting to the network and executing the following commands, noting the DNS addresses:

+QIACT: 1,1,1,"x.x.x.x"
+QIDNSCFG: 1,"",""

Attempts to resolve a host name to an address will fail:


+QIURC: "dnsgip",565

Recommended solution Update the BG96’s firmware to version BG96MAR03A06M1G or above.

Workaround Provide DNS servers manually after connection with the following command:


This example uses Google’s DNS servers, but you can use the DNS service of your choice.

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