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IoT Customer Support Migration to KORE

Customer support for Twilio's Internet of Things ("Twilio IoT") products that were acquired by KORE will transition to KORE's customer support team beginning December 1, 2023. Tickets already opened with Twilio customer support prior to the transition will continue to be troubleshooted by Twilio customer support until they are resolved.

After December 1, 2023, any new tickets opened with Twilio customer support for Twilio IoT products will be responded to with an automated message and will be closed. See more details below. To ensure no delays getting assistance, please be sure to open new customer support tickets with KORE customer support starting December 1, 2023. Learn how to below.

About KORE Support

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As a global leader in IoT connectivity, KORE brings a wealth of experience and innovative solutions, enhancing the support you receive. KORE's support team is committed to delivering exceptional, tailored services. For more details, please review the new and enhanced support plans from KORE.

How to Open a KORE Customer Support Ticket

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You have three ways to open a support ticket with KORE:

  1. KORE's Online Portal
  2. By Email
  3. By Phone

Of the 3 options, the best way to open a ticket is via KORE's Online Portal as the information gathered based on the logged in user and the product you select will give us more complete information to begin investigating your case. Tickets received via email or by phone may take additional time to be routed to the appropriate team.

How to Open a Ticket Using KORE's Online Portal

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To open a ticket using KORE's Online Portal, you must have a KORE account. You should have already created a KORE account and linked it to your Twilio account. If you have not done that yet or do not have access to the KORE account, you can reach KORE customer support by email or phone as detailed below. If you encounter any problems, please contact your KORE sales representative or

Start by logging into the KORE Console(link takes you to an external page) and then clicking the "Customer Support" button on the bottom left of the side navigation.


Once in the Customer Support Portal, select the most appropriate option for your issue or question from the options under "Technical Support" or "KORE Support" in the left navigation. For example, to get help using or report an issue with Twilio IoT SIM connectivity products, Super SIM & Programmable Wireless, select "Connectivity" under "Technical Support". If you have a question about your bill though, select "Finance" under "KORE Support".


Complete the fields on the next screen and submit your ticket.


You will receive an email confirming your ticket number.

How to Open a Ticket by Email

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Send an email describing the issue you are facing to You will receive a response with your ticket number and KORE's support team will assist you.

How to Open a Ticket by Phone

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Call 1-877-710-5673 to speak to a KORE support representative.



If you encounter any issues contacting KORE Support during this transition process, you can contact your KORE Sales representative if you have one or contact

Inviting Additional Users to Your KORE Account

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You can invite additional users to your KORE account so they can also open up support tickets. You'll also be able to add them to the watchlist when you are creating your ticket.

To invite additional users, select the "Users" option from the KORE Console side navigation and provide the user's email and what role you wish to assign them. All users can access the customer support portal. Users with the default role will not be able to view or update any billing information including invoices.

Submitting a Ticket to Twilio Customer Support After December 1

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If you submit a ticket for your Twilio IoT product on or after December 1, 2023, you will receive an autogenerated message reminding you about the service transition and the automatic closure of the ticket within a week's time. Twilio Support will no longer review new tickets reported for IoT Products starting from December 1, 2023. To ensure no delays getting assistance, please be sure to open new customer support tickets with KORE customer support starting December 1, 2023.

Your past tickets that were handled by Twilio Support will continue to be visible in the Twilio Help Center. They will not be copied over to KORE.

We have ensured we have maintained GDPR compliances and have migrated data utilizing secure API connectivity between the agreed upon legal terms of transfer services. We have ensured that data transmitted via APIs is encrypted using secure protocols such as HTTPS (TLS/SSL) to protect data in transit. We have utilized OAuth 2.0 or similar authorization frameworks to control access rights and permissions for API endpoints.

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