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How to Bulk Update Programmable Wireless SIMs

If you need to configure multiple Programmable Wireless SIMs on a single Twilio account, we have a Node.js script and a .csv spreadsheet file which will help you do so.

The script will not allow you to transfer SIMs between accounts.



This guide will not work for Super SIMs. To bulk update super SIMs, please see the How to Use Console Bulk Actions to Update Multiple Super SIMs.

This guide assumes you are familiar with the Twilio platform and Git, and are able to install and use Node.js and Node Package Manager (npm).



The script described in this guide is intended to be used if you are managing a fleet of Programmable Wireless SIMs, but it may also come in useful if you are looking for a code example that makes use of the Programmable Wireless API.

How to install the script

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How to make a bulk update

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  • Open the file app.js in your IDE or text editor.
  • Enter your Account Sid on line 3.
  • Enter your Auth Token on line 4.
  • Save app.js .
  • Open Twilio Programmable Wireless - SIMs.csv in any compatible spreadsheet app.
  • Enter one SIM per row.
    • Only enter information in a row that you wish to update. Sim SIDs are required.
  • Export the spreadsheet as a .csv file to the same folder as app.js.
    • app.js looks for the filename Twilio Programmable Wireless - SIMs.csv by default.
  • Start a terminal and cd to the directory where app.js and Twilio Programmable Wireless - SIMs.csv are located.
  • Type npm start .

You can find out what each column in the spreadsheet means by checking out the Sim resource documentation.

This snippet is in Node.js but it could have been written in any language capable of calling our REST APIs or accessing our SDKs.

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