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SettingsUpdates Resource

This resource is currently in Public Beta. Some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before being declared as Generally Available. Beta products are not covered by a Twilio SLA. Learn more about beta product support.

A SettingsUpdate instance represents a single update to the configuration of a single physical SIM or eSIM profile. Settings updates are either applied at the time of manufacturing or via over-the-air updates. Updates to the SIM may include modifying the standard elementary files (EFs) found on all SIMs or resources specific to Super SIM, such as the multi-IMSI applet, that may impact how a SIM behaves.

Pending over-the-air updates that are waiting to for the corresponding SIM to connect, download, and install the update can be read using this resource.

This resource can be found at the following URL:

SettingsUpdate properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<OB> Not PII

The unique identifier of this Settings Update.

string Not PII

The ICCID associated with the SIM.

sid<HS> Not PII

The SID of the Super SIM to which this Settings Update was applied.

enum:status Not PII

The Status of this Settings Update. One of scheduled, in-progress, successful or failed.

object[] Not PII

Array containing the different Settings Packages that will be applied to the SIM after the update completes. Each object within the array indicates the name and the version of the Settings Package that will be on the SIM if the update is successful.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The time, given in ISO 8601 format, when the update successfully completed and the new settings were applied to the SIM.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date that this Settings Update was created, given in ISO 8601 format.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date that this Settings Update was updated, given in ISO 8601 format.

Status values

The table below describes the available status values of a SettingsUpdate instance:

Status Description

The update is waiting for the SIM and has not started.


The update is in progress but may require multiple update stages to complete.

successful The update is complete and the settings described in the packages array are what is now being used by the SIM.
failed The update did not complete all stages successfully and the update is no longer being retried.

Packages properties

An update may add, remove, or update one or more settings packages. Each settings package represents a collection of configuration values that are set on the SIM that influence how it behaves. Some settings packages may override others. For example, all SIMs will have a base-settings package which represents the default settings used by all SIMs. If an additional settings package is loaded onto a SIM, the subset of settings controlled by package will override those set by the base-settings package.

name The string identifier of the settings package.
version The version of the settings package. SIMs using the same version of a settings package should behave identically. When a change is made to a settings package that alters the behavior, the version of the settings package will be incremented. When comparing two versions of a settings package, a higher version indicates a newer version. The value will be a string. Example: "1.0.0".
more_info URL of the dedicated docs page for the settings package. Will be null if there is no additional public documentation for the settings package.

Read a list of SettingsUpdates

Parameters in REST API format
get string Not PII

Filter the Settings Updates by a Super SIM's SID or UniqueName.

get ienum:status Not PII

Filter the Settings Updates by status. Can be scheduled, in-progress, successful, or failed.

Example 1
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        Read a list of SettingsUpdates

        Example 2
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              Read a list of SettingsUpdates for a single SIM

              Example 3
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                    Can be used to identify SIMs with pending SettingsUpdates

                    Read a list of Pending SettingsUpdates

                    Can be used to identify SIMs with pending SettingsUpdates

                    Determine a SIM's Current Settings

                    You can determine what Settings Packages and their respective versions that are currently installed on a SIM by looking at a SIM's most recent successful Settings Update. Records are returned in in reverse chronological order with the most recent Settings Update returned first. Use the SIM's SID or Unique Name and the successful status as filters and the look at the first record. The Settings Packages listed in the record's settings_packages are what your SIM is currently using.

                    Example 4
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                          The most recent successful update shows the Settings Packages currently installed on the SIM. This will be the first record.

                          Read the current settings on a SIM

                          The most recent successful update shows the Settings Packages currently installed on the SIM. This will be the first record.
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