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Super SIM: How to Enable Roaming

All devices containing a Super SIM must have roaming enabled, even if they are only to be used in the United States. This setting is very device specific, so this guide can’t include instructions for every possible device that you might use with Super SIM, but we will show you some generic steps that will get you most of the way. For the final stages you will need to consult your device’s documentation.

How do I enable roaming with AT Commands?

Refer to your device’s user manual to learn how to send it AT Commands.

The AT command for enabling roaming is modem specific, so you will need to check the documentation for the modem your device contains. Two commonly used IoT development device cellular modems are the Quectel BG96 and the U-blox Lara, Lisa, Sara, and Toby families. These use the following AT commands to enable roaming:

Quectel BG96

AT+QCFG="roamservice",2 AT+QCFG="roamservice",2

U-blox Lara, Lisa, Sara, and Toby


Enabling roaming with AT Commands via SMS

Some devices will action AT Commands send via SMS. For these devices, you can use our Commands resource to send a machine-to-machine SMS via the Super SIM. You can use a command line tool such as curl to transmit an API request which contains the AT command to enable roaming for the modem you are using.

In this example, IoTDeviceSuperSIM is the unique name of the Super SIM as set in the Console. The AT command you use is included in the Command field. We use the BG96 roaming command.

The CallbackUrl field takes an endpoint on your server to which the Twilio cloud will send the final response once roaming has been enabled; the initial request will generate a 200 OK response on the successful receipt of the request, or an error if the request was malformed. If an error is reported, the callback will not be triggered.

Here is the initial request, made via *curl& and containing the roaming enable AT command:

curl -X POST \
  -d 'Sim=IoTDeviceSuperSIM' \
  -d 'Command=AT+QCFG=\"roamservice\",2' \
  -d 'CallbackUrl=' \
  -u 'ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:your_auth_token'

The request will eventually cause the following response to be posted to the callback URL. The sid, sim_sid, account_sid, and url fields will contain true values:

Content-Type: application/json

  "sid": "HCxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "sim_sid": "HSxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "command": "AT+QCFG=\"roamservice\",2",
  "status": "queued",
  "date_created": "2020-05-23T15:42:04Z",
  "date_updated": "2020-05-23T15:42:04Z",
  "account_sid": "ACxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "url": ""

Many devices do not support sending AT Commands via SMS. Refer to your device's user manual to see if it is permitted and how to format the message.

Where do I set roaming on my Android device?

Depending on the version of the Android OS installed on your device, you set roaming as follows:

  • Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Mobile networks.
  • Make sure the Data roaming switch is turned on.

Where do I set roaming on my iOS device?

The iOS UI changes in subtle ways with almost every release, so you may find the following guidance, for iOS 13, doesn’t entirely match the UI on your device. However, it should help you find the setting you need.

  • If your device’s language setting is English (US/Canada), then go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options.
  • If your device’s language setting is English (UK), then go to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options.
  • For other languages, use the appropriate menu path.
  • Make sure the Data Roaming switch is turned on.

Verify you’re connected to the network

You will know your device is correctly configured if you can send and receive data. Try pinging, or open your favorite web browser and navigate to

If your ping is unsuccessful or if you cannot load the web page, review the instructions above and make sure you have also set the correct APN.

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