Super SIM: Your First Steps

This guide will walk you through the process of ordering your first Super SIM and preparing it for use. Once you’ve performed these simple but essential setup tasks, you’ll be ready to try out Super SIM in an IoT device.

We have a series of guides which you can follow to get specific IoT hardware development platforms connected to Twilio’s seamless global cellular network — just pick the guide that matches the platform you intend to use to prototype your own IoT hardware.

But that’s for later — the very first step is to obtain a Super SIM and get it ready for use.

If you already have a Super SIM that you received at a developer event, conference, or in-person meeting or that you received through some other channel such as part of a developer kit, you may need to register it to your Twilio Account in Console. You can then skip this ordering step and jump to preparing it for use once its registered to your Twilio Account.

You request Super SIMs using the Twilio Console — just go to Internet of Things > Order SIMs to login and enter the number of Super SIMs you require.

  1. Select the number and type of Super SIMs you want:
  2. Scroll down and fill out the Delivery Address and Payment Method sections.
  3. At the bottom of the page, hit the Order button.

Trial account credit cannot be used to purchase Super SIMs. You must first upgrade your Twilio account before you can access the order page.

Prepare a Super SIM for use

Once your Super SIM is shipped, it will be automatically added to your Twilio account. In the meantime, the following tasks can be performed straight away — you don’t need to have your Super SIM in front of you to complete them.

1. Create a Network Access Profile

Network Access Profiles give you control over which cellular networks your Super SIMs can connect to around the world. You can either start from scratch with a new, empty Network Access Profile and add the Networks that best suit your needs, or generate one that starts with all of our cheapest Networks around the world enabled. You can update your Network Access Profile's list of enabled Networks at any time.

  1. Go to Internet of Things > Super SIM > Network Access Profiles.
  2. Click on the blue + button.
  3. Give your new Network Access Profile a memorable Unique Name to make it easy to identify in future.
  4. Select Instant Global Access. This is the recommended setting for new users: it pre-selects a set of networks around the world and favoring those with the lowest data and SMS Command usage rates. If you select Start from Scratch, you will have to select networks yourself (in step 6).
  5. Click the Create button.
  6. You will see the new Network Access Profile’s Networks tab. This shows a list of mobile networks organized by continent and country. Only networks which have been selected will be accessed by Super SIMs using this Network Access Profile:

    If you selected Instant Global Access in step 4, a number of networks will already be enabled for you. If you selected Start from Scratch, you will have to select some networks yourself. If you make any changes to the list of selected networks, click the Update Networks button.

You can update a Network Access Profile’s list of networks at any time, using the Console or the Super SIM API. You can’t delete Network Access Profiles, but you can always edit them or create new ones as your needs change.

2. Create a Fleet

A Fleet is a way of grouping one or more Super SIMs to set their behavior, such as how their data usage is billed and whether they accept SMS via Commands. Rather than apply these settings to each Super SIM individually — imagine hundreds of thousands of these integrated into IoT devices in the field — you just update the Fleet, and all Super SIMs in that Fleet automatically adopt the new configuration. Easy.

All Super SIMs inherit their capabilities from the Fleet they’ve been assigned to, so you need to create a Fleet and add your Super SIM to it before you can use that SIM. The mobile networks a Fleet can use is set through its Network Access Profile, so you will need to set this too.

You can create a new Fleet using the Super SIM API or Console. We’ll use the latter path here, because it’s intended for use with single Super SIMs, but the API documentation will show you how to work with Fleets when you’re using the API to manage large volumes of Super SIMs.

  1. Go to Internet of Things > Super SIM > Fleets.
  2. Click the blue + button:
  3. Give the Fleet a unique, memorable name to make it easy to identify in future:
  4. The Console automatically enables the Fleet’s Data and SMS Commands services; leave these as they are for now. In future, you can use these settings to block all the Super SIMs in the Fleet from transferring data across the network, or from receiving SMS Commands.
  5. Under Network Access Profile select the NAP you created in Step 1.
  6. The Console automatically sets the Fleet’s Data Limit to 1GB (1,000MB) per month. This means that each Super SIM assigned to the Fleet can use 1GB of data. This number may be too high or low depending on your use case. If you have a better estimate for how much data your IoT device needs each month, put that number here now as your data limit cannot be updated later. If your chosen value turns out to be too high or too low, you can always create a new Fleet with a different data limit and re-assign your Super SIMs to it later.
  7. Click the Create button.

3. Assign a Super SIM to the Fleet and Activate

Once your Super SIM has been shipped you'll be able to see it on your Twilio Account. Now you can finish configuring it.

  1. Go to Internet of Things > Super SIM > SIMs.
  2. In the list of SIMs you should see a single Super SIM: the one you ordered earlier. Click anywhere on the SIM’s row.
  3. Take this opportunity, if you haven’t already, to give the Super SIM a unique, memorable name — this will make it easier to locate in future:
  4. From the Fleet menu, select the Fleet you created in the Step 2.
  5. Change the SIM's Status from New to Active.
  6. Click the Save button.

When you activate a Super SIM by changing its status from New to Active (or new to active, if you’re using the API), you will begin incurring a monthly active SIM fee of $2.00. You can change the Super SIM’s status to inactive at any time to disable the SIM and stop incurring the monthly fee. You can reactivate at any time by switching the status back to active.

4. Set your device’s APN

Whichever IoT development hardware you’re using, you’ll need to set its Access Point Name (APN).

To do so follow these instructions.

5. Enable roaming

In addition to the APN, you also need to allow your device to be able to roam across mobile networks, even if you are only using it in the US.

To do so follow these instructions.

Use your Super SIM

Your Super SIM is now ready to be used as the basis for your IoT device’s global cellular connectivity — why not try it out with our Quickstart guide?

We currently recommend a test kit built from widely available off-the-shelf components: a Raspberry Pi 4 Linux computer and a Sixfab Cellular IoT add-on board, which incorporates a Quectel BG96 Cat-M1 cellular module. You can find set-up information and some sample projects in the following guide:

The Programmable Wireless Broadband IoT Developer Kit can be used with Super SIM. The default PPP connection can be configured for the correct APN setting (super) with the following commands:

sudo systemctl disable twilio_ppp@twilio-wireless
sudo systemctl enable twilio_ppp@twilio-supersim

You can use Super SIM for connectivity for the Developer Kit, but keep in mind that it cannot yet be used for Trust Onboard-based authentication.

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