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Factory Functions


Microvisor Public Beta

Microvisor is in a pre-release phase and the information contained in this document is subject to change. Some features referenced below may not be fully available until Microvisor's General Availability (GA) release.

Microvisor system calls include the following functions for managing operations on the assembly line:

Return values and errors

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All of the functions described below return a 32-bit integer that is one of the values from the standard Microvisor enumeration MvStatus. All possible error values for a given system call are provided with each function's description.

Success is always signaled by a return value of zero (MV_STATUS_OKAY).

Informs Microvisor that the testing of product hardware has completed


extern enum MvStatus mvTestingComplete(uint32_t status);


statusA value indicating the outcome of tests

Possible errors

Error ValueDescription
MV_STATUS_UNAVAILABLEThis call has been made outside of application test mode


Include this call in your factory-oriented application test code after all your tests have completed, whether successfully or not. If the tests were successful, pass in the value 0. All other values indicate test failure.

Calling this function will stop the test code immediately. Specifically passing 0 will cause Microvisor to install your application firmware from the device under test's external SPI Flash into the MCU, overwriting the hardware test code. The device under test may now be passed to the next assembly line station.

Passing any other value than 0 causes Microvisor display Programming Failed in the provision console. The assembly line operator may now remove the device for analysis and repair, or disposal. If the device is reset, the hardware test code will be run again.

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