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How to Download Bulk Super SIM Data

You can retrieve a bulk listing of all of your Super SIMs from the Twilio Console.

The data is provided as a .csv file containing the following information for each of your Super SIMs:

  • Its SID.
  • Its unique name if it has one, or an empty slot.
  • Its ICCID.
  • Its status.
  • Its Fleet's SID.
  • Its Fleet's name if it has one, or an empty slot.
  • Whether data is enabled for the Fleet ( true or false ).
  • Whether commands are enabled for the Fleet ( true or false ).
  • The Fleet's monthly data transfer limit in megabytes per month.
  • The Fleet's Network Access Profile (NAP) SID.
  • The NAP's name if it has one, or an empty slot.
  • The SID of the order you placed for the SIM.

To download the file, look for the Export button above the list of Super SIMs in Console. Click the button next to the heading to retrieve the file.

You can set which SIMs are included in the file by applying a filter — by Status, Fleet and/or Order — before initiating the download. If you don't apply a filter, all your SIMs will be included, or the first 10,000 of them if the total number of SIMs is higher than that.

However you filter your Super SIMs, or don't, the maximum number of records you can export is 10,000. Please be aware that the more Super SIMs included, the longer it will take to generate the file. This can take up to 10 seconds.

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