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Twilio Narrowband IoT

Currently, only the T-Mobile Narrowband network in the United States is supported.

Twilio Narrowband IoT is presented in partnership with T-Mobile. The Twilio T-Mobile Narrowband SIM enables access to the T-Mobile Narrowband network.

Narrowband technology is designed to support Massive Internet of Things (IoT) use cases (typically low bandwidth). Narrowband is designed from the ground up to improve power consumption for devices sending smaller or infrequent packets of data. Narrowband’s technical fundamentals reduce the cost of connectivity while lowering the cost of hardware.

In order to connect a Twilio Narrowband SIM to the T-Mobile Narrowband network, a T-Mobile pre-certified module is required. Please check if you have a T-Mobile certified and whitelisted module here.

Getting Started with Twilio Narrowband IoT


Narrowband SIM orders may be placed from the Console. You can order a Narrowband SIM Starter Pack (3 SIMs) or bulk order Narrowband SIMs (minimum order size of 10 SIMs). Starter Pack SIMs need to be registered to your Twilio account through the Twilio Console. See this article if you need help. Bulk ordered SIMs will be linked to your account at the time of order automatically.

Twilio Narrowband SIMs support the same set of SIM Statuses as the non-Narrowband SIMs.

After you've ordered and registered your SIMs, you need to set a Rate Plan on them.

Data Metering Plans

Narrowband SIMs require a specific Data Metering Plan which determines the capabilities and restrictions of the SIM. There are two Data Metering Plans available for Narrowband SIMs.

The Developer Plan is designed for prototyping. Choose this plan if you are starting out building your device. The developer plan costs $2 per month and includes 2MB of data per month. Overages cost 10¢ per 100 KB increments.

The Annual Plan is designed for production deployments. Most NB-IoT deployments have devices that have long lifetimes of many years, which makes the annual plan most suitable for such deployments. The Annual Plan charge includes 12MB of data that can be consumed within the year. Any overages will cost 10¢ per 100 KB increments.

In order to create a Rate Plan, follow the steps listed below:

Visit the Create a Rate Plan section of the Console

  1. Select Narrowband for SIM type
  2. Give the Rate Plan a unique name
  3. Continue through the Rate Plan creation process

The SIM is ready to use after the rate plan gets applied and the SIM is activated.

Breakout SDK

The Breakout SDK abstracts complex elements of Narrowband IoT deployment. Twilio removes development barriers by handling tasks such as network registration on your behalf. Breakout SDK enables developers to exchange data between low-powered devices and their services running in the cloud. Breakout SDK has the following design goals:

  • Abstract the complexity of cellular modem hardware
  • Handles necessary cellular network registration

To learn how to use the Breakout SDK following tutorial.

Device certification (for production)

Any product utilizing the T-Mobile Narrowband network that is intended for commercialization will need to be certified by T-Mobile. To learn more about certification requirements for your Narrowband device, follow this tutorial.

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