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The Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker


Programmable Asset Tracker Private Beta

The Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker is in a pre-release phase and the information contained in this document is subject to change. Some features referenced below may not be fully available until the Programmable Asset Tracker reaches General Availability (GA) release.

Twilio's Programmable Asset Tracker is the first fully customizable asset tracking system that is ready to deploy right out of the box.

Say goodbye to fixed-functionality closed asset trackers that are designed to please everyone, but rarely meet the needs of each customer's specific use case.

Say hello to a feature-rich asset tracker that combines a solid hardware specification with an open source application that not only lets you tailor any of the device's function to your needs but comes with full source code loaded into an online IDE to allow you to start customizing and deploying personalized product from anywhere in the world.

Twilio's Programmable Asset Tracker is the first fully customizable asset tracking system that is ready to deploy right out of the box.

First steps

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Get started with your Asset Tracker

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Take a Twilio Asset Tracker for a test-drive. It's the best way to learn what functionality the Asset Tracker packs into its compact, robust casing and to understand how you can adapt its settings and, later, its source code to meet your business needs.

Customize your Asset Tracker's application

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The Programmable Asset Tracker's application — which includes both device-side and cloud-resident components — is written in a JavaScript-style high-level scripting language for easy customization. Every code update is pushed to the device over the air.

For the first time, you have complete control of your business application, without being at the whim of your suppliers - or embedded systems experts.

And if your needs are met by the hardware, you can also change how any of the device's features operate to fine-tune the product's behavior to your use case.

The Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker application is built around fully specified APIs that allow you to perform device-level customization of settings — the "Southbound API" — and build an entry point into your cloud, or configure a third-party data-ingress cloud, to receive regular updates and alerts sent from each Asset Tracker in your fleet — the "Northbound API".

These APIs are not fixed: because they are defined within the application itself, you are free to customize and adapt them to meet the needs of your specific use case — or use the standard functionality as documented in the references listed above.

The Asset Tracker is built on top of one of the most advanced and most flexible IoT platforms, Twilio Electric Imp. The following resources will help you dive down deeper into the platform's capabilities.

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