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TwiML™ Voice: <Sim>

The <Dial> verb's <Sim> noun specifies a Programmable Wireless SIM to dial.

In order to make a call to a SIM, voice_enabled must be set to true in the SIM's Rate Plan. See the Programmable Wireless voice overview for details.

Noun Attributes

The <Sim> noun does not currently support any of the attributes commonly used with other nouns in the <Dial> verb.


Example 1: Dialing to a SIM

In this example, we want to connect the current call to a SIM with Sid DE8caa2afb9d5279926619c458dc7098a8. To connect the call to the SIM, use a <Dial> verb with a <Sim> noun nested inside.


        Example 2: Dialing to a SIM with recording enabled

        In this case, we want to record both legs of the call when dialing a Sim using <Dial>.

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