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Available Operators

The following is a list of operators (PLMNs - Public Local Mobile Networks) that a Twilio Programmable Wireless SIMs are capable of connecting to, along with class of radio technology (2G, 3G or LTE) that can be used to connect. Some networks are only availble on pre-release SIMs.

For a list of radio frequencies supported by each PLMN, please refer to frequencycheck.com.  For coverage maps of each available operator's footprint, see we recommend OpenSignal

This list is subject to change at any time.

Country Operator 2G 3G LTE
Afghanistan MTN 2G 3G  
Afghanistan AWCC 2G 3G LTE
Afghanistan Etisalat 2G 3G  
Afghanistan Roshan 2G 3G  
Albania Telekom 2G 3G LTE
Albania Vodafone 2G 3G  
Albania Eagle Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Algeria Atm Mobilis 2G 3G  
Algeria Djezzy 2G 3G  
Algeria Wataniya 2G 3G LTE
Andorra STA 2G    
Angola Unitel 2G 3G  
Angola Movicel 2G 3G  
Anguilla Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Anguilla Digicel 2G 3G LTE
Antigua & Barbuda Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Antigua & Barbuda Digicel 2G 3G  
Argentina Claro 2G 3G LTE
Argentina Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Argentina Telecom Personal 2G   LTE
Armenia Armentel 2G 3G LTE
Armenia Vivacell 2G 3G  
Armenia Orange 2G 3G  
Aruba Setar 2G 3G  
Aruba Digicel 2G 3G  
Australia Optus 2G 3G LTE
Australia Telstra 2G 3G LTE
Australia Vodafone 2G   LTE
Austria Hutchison 3 2G   LTE
Austria T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Austria Mobilkom 2G 3G LTE
Azerbaijan Azercell 2G 3G  
Azerbaijan Bakcell 2G 3G LTE
Bahamas BTC 2G 3G  
Bahrain Batelco 2G 3G  
Bahrain Zain 2G    
Bahrain Viva 2G    
Bangladesh Banglalink 2G 3G  
Bangladesh Grameenphone 2G 3G  
Barbados Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Barbados Digicel 2G 3G LTE
Belarus MTS 2G 3G  
Belarus Belarusian Telecom 2G 3G  
Belarus Velcom 2G 3G  
Belgium Telenet 2G 3G LTE
Belgium Mobistar 2G 3G LTE
Belgium Proximus 2G 3G LTE
Belize BTL 2G 3G  
Belize Speednet 2G 3G  
Benin Moov 2G 3G  
Benin Mtn 2G 3G  
Bermuda At&T Maritime 2G 3G  
Bermuda M3 2G 3G LTE
Bermuda Digicel 2G 3G  
Bolivia Entel 2G 3G  
Bolivia Nuevatel 2G 3G LTE
Bolivia Tigo 2G 3G  
Bosnia & Hercegovina Pe Croatian Telecom 2G 3G  
Bosnia & Hercegovina MTEL 2G 3G  
Bosnia & Hercegovina Bh Telecom 2G 3G  
Brazil Oi 2G 3G LTE
Brazil Claro 2G 3G LTE
Brazil TIM 2G 3G LTE
Brazil Vivo 2G 3G LTE
British Virgin Islands Digicel 2G 3G  
British Virgin Islands Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Brunei Darussalam Pcsb 2G 3G LTE
Brunei Darussalam Dst 2G 3G  
Bulgaria M-Tel 2G 3G LTE
Bulgaria Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Bulgaria Vivacom 2G 3G LTE
Burkina Faso Telecel Faso 2G 3G  
Burkina Faso Airtel 2G 3G  
Burundi Viettel 2G 3G  
Burundi Orange 2G 3G  
Cambodia Cellcard 2G 3G  
Cambodia Smart 2G 3G LTE
Cambodia Viettel 2G    
Cameroon Mtn 2G 3G  
Canada Bell 2G 3G LTE
Canada Mobilicity 2G 3G  
Canada Eastlink 2G   LTE
Canada Wind Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Canada Rogers Wireless 2G 3G LTE
Canada Sasktel 2G 3G  
Canada Telus 2G 3G LTE
Canada Videotron 2G 3G  
Canada Digicel 2G 3G  
Cape Verde T+ 2G 3G  
Cape Verde Cv Movel 2G 3G  
Cayman Islands Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Cayman Islands Digicel 2G 3G  
Chad Airtel 2G 3G  
Chile Entel 2G 3G  
Chile Claro 2G 3G LTE
Chile Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
China China Mobile 2G   LTE
China China Unicom 2G 3G LTE
Colombia Comcel 2G 3G LTE
Colombia Tigo 2G 3G  
Colombia Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Congo Airtel 2G 3G  
Congo Dr Airtel 2G 3G  
Congo Dr Orange 2G 3G  
Congo Dr Vodacom 2G 3G  
Congo Dr Orange 2G 3G  
Congo Dr Africell 2G 3G  
Costa Rica I.C.E. 2G 3G  
Costa Rica Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Costa Rica Claro 2G 3G LTE
Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast) Moov 2G 3G  
Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast) Orange 2G 3G  
Cote D'Ivoire(Ivory Coast) Mtn 2G 3G  
Croatia T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Croatia Tele2 2G 3G LTE
Croatia Vipnet 2G 3G LTE
Curacao Digicel 2G 3G  
Curacao UTS 2G 3G LTE
Curacao Digicel 2G 3G  
Cyprus Cytamobile 2G 3G  
Cyprus Mtn 2G 3G  
Cyprus Primetel 2G    
Czech Republic Vodafone 2G 3G  
Czech Republic O2 2G 3G LTE
Czech Republic T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Denmark Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Denmark Hutchison 3 2G 3G LTE
Denmark Telia 2G 3G LTE
Denmark TDC 2G 3G LTE
Dominica Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Dominica Digicel 2G 3G  
Dominican Republic Orange 2G 3G LTE
Dominican Republic Viva 2G    
Dominican Republic Claro 2G 3G LTE
Ecuador Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Ecuador Claro 2G 3G LTE
Egypt Orange Egypt 2G 3G  
Egypt Etisalat 2G 3G  
Egypt Vodafone 2G 3G  
El Salvador Digicel 2G 3G  
El Salvador Tigo 2G 3G  
El Salvador Claro 2G 3G  
El Salvador Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Estonia Emt 2G 3G LTE
Estonia Tele2 2G 3G LTE
Estonia Elisa 2G 3G LTE
Faroe Islands Hutchison 2G 3G LTE
Fiji Digicel 2G 3G LTE
Fiji Vodafone 2G 3G  
Finland DNA 2G 3G LTE
Finland AMT 2G    
Finland Elisa 2G 3G LTE
Finland Sonera 2G 3G LTE
France Orange 2G 3G LTE
France SFR 2G 3G LTE
France Bouygues 2G 3G LTE
French Polynesia Tikiphone 2G 3G  
French Polynesia Vodafone 2G 3G  
Gabon Airtel 2G 3G  
Gabon Moov 2G 3G  
Gambia Gamcel 2G 3G  
Gambia Africel 2G 3G  
Georgia Geocell 2G 3G  
Georgia Magticom 2G 3G  
Georgia Megafon 2G 3G  
Georgia Mobitel 2G 3G  
Germany Telekom 2G 3G LTE
Germany Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Germany E-Plus 2G 3G LTE
Germany O2 2G 3G LTE
Ghana Vodafone 2G 3G  
Ghana MTN 2G 3G  
Ghana Airtel 2G 3G  
Gibraltar Gibtel 2G 3G  
Greece Cosmote 2G 3G LTE
Greece Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Greece Wind 2G 3G  
Greenland Tele 2G 3G  
Grenada Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Grenada Digicel 2G 3G  
Guadeloupe Digicel 2G 3G  
Guadeloupe Orange Caraibe 2G 3G LTE
Guadeloupe Dauphin Telecom 2G 3G  
Guam Docomo Pacific 2G 3G LTE
Guam It&E 2G 3G  
Guam Mpulse 2G 3G  
Guatemala Tigo 2G 3G  
Guatemala Claro 2G 3G LTE
Guatemala Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Guernsey Sure 2G 3G  
Guernsey Wave Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Guinea Orange 2G 3G  
Guinea Zain 2G 3G LTE
Guinea-Bissau Orange 2G 3G  
Guyana Digicel 2G 3G  
Honduras Claro 2G 3G LTE
Hong Kong Hutchison 3 2G 3G  
Hong Kong PCCW 2G 3G  
Hong Kong PCCW 2G 3G  
Hong Kong CSL 2G 3G  
Hong Kong Smartone 2G 3G LTE
Hong Kong CSL 2G 3G LTE
Hungary Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Hungary T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Hungary Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Iceland Nova 2G 3G LTE
Iceland Onwaves Maritime 2G    
Iceland Siminn 2G 3G LTE
Iceland Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
India Idea 2G 3G LTE
India Bharti 2G 3G LTE
India Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
India Reliance 2G 3G  
India BSNL 2G 3G  
Indonesia XL 2G 3G  
Indonesia Indosat Ooredoo 2G 3G LTE
Indonesia Telkomsel 2G 3G LTE
Iraq Asia Cell 2G 3G  
Iraq Zain 2G 3G  
Iraq Orange 2G 3G  
Ireland Telefonica 2G 3G  
Ireland Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Ireland Hutchison 3 2G 3G LTE
Ireland Hutchison 3 2G 3G LTE
Ireland Everything Everywhere 2G 3G LTE
Ireland Everything Everywhere 2G 3G  
Ireland Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Israel Partner 2G 3G LTE
Israel Cellcom 2G 3G LTE
Israel Hot Mobile 2G 3G  
Israel Pelephone 2G 3G LTE
Italy Telecom Italia (Maritime) 2G 3G  
Italy Hutchison 3 2G 3G  
Italy Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Italy Telecom Italia 2G 3G LTE
Italy Wind 2G 3G LTE
Jamaica Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Jamaica Digicel 2G 3G  
Japan Ntt Docomo 2G 3G LTE
Japan Softbank Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Jersey Sure 2G 3G  
Jersey Wave Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Jordan Orange 2G 3G  
Jordan Umniah 2G 3G  
Jordan Star Telecom 2G 3G  
Kazakhstan MTS 2G 3G LTE
Kazakhstan Kar-Tel 2G 3G  
Kazakhstan K'Cell 2G 3G  
Kenya Airtel 2G 3G  
Kenya Safaricom 2G 3G LTE
Kenya Orange 2G 3G  
Kuwait Zain 2G 3G LTE
Kuwait Ooredoo 2G 3G LTE
Kyrgyzstan Sky Mobile 2G 3G  
Kyrgyzstan Megacom 2G 3G  
Kyrgyzstan Sky Mobile 2G 3G  
Kyrgyzstan Megacom 2G 3G  
Laos Tigo 2G 3G  
Laos Orange 2G 3G  
Latvia Tele2 2G 3G LTE
Latvia Bite 2G 3G LTE
Latvia LMT 2G 3G LTE
Liberia Cellcom 2G 3G  
Liberia Comium 2G 3G  
Liberia Lonestar 2G 3G  
Liechtenstein Mobilkom 2G 3G  
Liechtenstein Salt 2G 3G  
Lithuania Tele2 2G 3G LTE
Lithuania Bite 2G 3G LTE
Lithuania Omnitel 2G 3G LTE
Luxembourg Post 2G 3G LTE
Luxembourg Tango 2G 3G LTE
Luxembourg Orange 2G 3G LTE
Macao CTM 2G 3G LTE
Macao Hutchison 3 2G 3G  
Macao Smartone 2G 3G  
Macedonia T-Mobile 2G 3G  
Macedonia VIP 2G 3G  
Madagascar Airtel 2G 3G  
Madagascar Telma 2G 3G  
Madagascar Airtel 2G 3G LTE
Malawi Malitel 2G 3G  
Malaysia Maxis 2G 3G LTE
Malaysia Celcom 2G 3G  
Malaysia Digi 2G 3G LTE
Maldives Dhiraagu 2G 3G  
Maldives Ooredoo 2G 3G  
Maldives Digicel 2G 3G  
Maldives Africell 2G 3G  
Maldova Moldcell 2G 3G  
Maldova Orange 2G 3G LTE
Maldova Mold Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Mali Orange 2G 3G  
Mali Chinguitel 2G 3G  
Malta Go Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Malta Vodafone 2G 3G  
Mauritania Mauritel 2G 3G  
Mauritania Mattel 2G 3G  
Mauritania Orange 2G 3G LTE
Mauritius Emtel 2G 3G LTE
Mauritius Mahanagar 2G 3G  
Mauritius Sfr 2G 3G  
Mayotte Iam 2G 3G LTE
Mexico Iusacell 2G 3G  
Mexico Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Mexico Movistar 2G 3G LTE
Mexico Telcel 2G 3G LTE
Monaco Orange 2G 3G LTE
Monaco Monaco Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Mongolia Mobicom 2G 3G  
Mongolia Unitel 2G 3G  
Montenegro Mtel 2G    
Montenegro Telenor 2G   LTE
Montenegro T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Montserrat Digicel 2G 3G  
Montserrat Cable And Wireless 2G    
Morocco Wana 2G 3G  
Morocco Medi Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Mozambique Mcel 2G 3G  
Mozambique Movitel 2G 3G  
Myanmar Ooredoo 2G 3G  
Nauru Digicel 2G 3G LTE
Netherlands Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Netherlands T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Netherlands KPN 2G 3G LTE
New Zealand Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
New Zealand Two Degrees 2G 3G  
New Zealand Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Nicaragua Claro 2G 3G  
Nicaragua Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Niger Airtel 2G 3G  
Niger Orange 2G 3G  
Niger Moov 2G 3G  
Nigeria Etisalat 2G 3G  
Nigeria Airtel 2G 3G  
Nigeria Glo Mobile 2G 3G  
Nigeria Mtn 2G 3G  
Norway Mcp Maritime 2G    
Norway Netcom 2G 3G LTE
Norway Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Oman Omantel 2G 3G LTE
Oman Nawras 2G 3G LTE
Pakistan Mobilink 2G 3G  
Pakistan Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Pakistan Ufone 2G 3G  
Pakistan Warid 2G 3G  
Palestine(Gaza Strip & West Bank) Jawwal 2G 3G  
Palestine(Gaza Strip & West Bank) Wataniya 2G 3G  
Panama Claro 2G 3G  
Panama Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Panama Digicel 2G 3G  
Panama Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Papua New Guinea Digicel 2G 3G  
Paraguay Claro 2G 3G  
Paraguay Tigo 2G 3G  
Paraguay Vox 2G 3G  
Peru Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Peru Nextel 2G 3G  
Peru Claro 2G 3G LTE
Peru Viettel 2G    
Philippines Digital Telecom 2G 3G  
Philippines Globe Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Philippines Smart Comm 2G 3G LTE
Poland T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Poland Orange 2G 3G LTE
Poland Polkomtel 2G 3G LTE
Portugal Optimus 2G 3G LTE
Portugal Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Portugal MEO 2G 3G LTE
Qatar Vodafone 2G 3G  
Qatar Ooredoo 2G 3G LTE
Republic of Korea Kt 2G 3G LTE
Republic of Korea Sk Telecom 2G 3G LTE
Reunion Sfr 2G 3G  
Romania Telekom 2G 3G LTE
Romania Vodafone 2G 3G  
Romania Orange 2G 3G LTE
Russian Federation MTS 2G 3G LTE
Russian Federation Vimpelcom 2G 3G LTE
Russian Federation Megafon 2G 3G  
Russian Federation T2 Mobile 2G 3G  
Russian Federation Airtel 2G 3G  
Rwanda Airtel 2G 3G  
Rwanda Mtn 2G 3G  
Saint Martin Telcell 2G 3G  
Saint Martin UTS 2G 3G LTE
Saint Martin Digicel 2G 3G  
Saint Martin Orange Caraibe 2G 3G LTE
Samoa Digicell 2G 3G  
Saint Martin Dauphin Telecom 2G 3G  
Saudi Arabia STC 2G 3G LTE
Saudi Arabia Mobily 2G 3G LTE
Saudi Arabia Zain 2G 3G  
Senegal Orange 2G 3G  
Senegal Expresso 2G 3G  
Senegal Tigo 2G 3G  
Serbia Vip 2G 3G LTE
Serbia Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Serbia Telekom 2G 3G  
Seychelles Telecom Airtel 2G 3G  
Seychelles Cable And Wireless 2G 3G LTE
Sierra Leone Africell 2G 3G LTE
Singapore Mobileone 2G 3G LTE
Singapore Starhub 2G 3G LTE
Singapore Singtel 2G 3G LTE
Slovakia T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Slovakia Orange 2G 3G LTE
Slovakia O2 2G 3G LTE
Slovenia Mobitel 2G 3G LTE
Slovenia Si Mobil 2G 3G LTE
Slovenia Tusmobil 2G 3G  
South Africa Mtn 2G 3G  
South Africa Vodacom 2G 3G LTE
South Africa Telkom 2G 3G  
Spain Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Spain Orange 2G 3G LTE
Spain Telefonica 2G 3G LTE
Sri Lanka Mobitel 2G 3G LTE
Sri Lanka Etisalat 2G 3G  
St. Kitts & Nevis UTS 2G 3G LTE
St. Kitts & Nevis Digicel 2G 3G  
St. Kitts & Nevis Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
St. Lucia Digicel 2G 3G  
St. Lucia Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
St. Vincent & Grenadines Digicel 2G 3G  
St. Vincent & Grenadines Cable And Wireless 2G 3G  
Suriname Digicel 2G    
Suriname Telesur 2G 3G  
Sweden Telenor 2G 3G LTE
Sweden Hutchison 3 2G 3G LTE
Sweden Tele2 2G 3G LTE
Sweden Telia 2G 3G LTE
Switzerland Swisscom 2G 3G LTE
Switzerland Sunrise 2G 3G LTE
Switzerland Salt 2G 3G LTE
Switzerland On Air 2G    
Taiwan Fareastone 2G 3G  
Taiwan Chungwa Telecom 2G 3G  
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile 2G 3G  
Taiwan Taiwan Mobile 2G 3G  
Tajikistan Tcell 2G 3G  
Tajikistan Tacom 2G 3G  
Tanzania Airtel 2G 3G  
Tanzania Vodacom 2G 3G  
Thailand Dtac 2G 3G LTE
Thailand AIS 2G 3G LTE
Thailand DTAC 2G 3G  
Thailand True Move 2G 3G  
Togo Moov 2G 3G  
Togo Digicel 2G 3G  
Tonga Babilon Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Trinidad & Tobago Tstt 2G 3G  
Trinidad & Tobago Digicel 2G 3G  
Tunisia Orange 2G 3G  
Tunisia Ooredoo 2G 3G  
Tunisia Tunisie Telecom 2G 3G  
Turkey Turk Telekom 2G 3G LTE
Turkey Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
Turkey Turkcell 2G 3G LTE
Turkmenistan MTS 2G 3G  
Turks & Caicos Islands Digicell 2G 3G  
Turks & Caicos Islands Cable and Wireless 2G 3G  
Uganda Airtel 2G 3G  
Uganda MTN 2G 3G  
Uganda Africell 2G 3G  
Ukraine Astelit 2G 3G  
Ukraine Kyivstar 2G 3G  
Ukraine MTS 2G    
United Arab Emirates Du 2G 3G LTE
United Arab Emirates Etisalat 2G 3G LTE
United Kingdom O2 2G 3G LTE
United Kingdom Hutchison 3 2G 3G LTE
United Kingdom EE 2G 3G LTE
United Kingdom Vodafone 2G 3G LTE
United States T-Mobile 2G 3G LTE
Uruguay Claro 2G 3G  
Uruguay Antel 2G 3G  
Uruguay Telefonica 2G 3G  
Uzbekistan Coscom 2G 3G  
Uzbekistan Unitel 2G 3G  
Uzbekistan Ums 2G 3G LTE
Venezuela Digitel 2G 3G  
Venezuela Telefonica 2G 3G  
Vietnam Mobifone 2G 3G  
Vietnam Vinaphone 2G 3G  
Vietnam Viettel 2G 3G  
Western Sahara Iam 2G 3G  
Zambia Airtel 2G 3G  
Zimbabwe Econet 2G 3G  
Zimbabwe Net One 2G 3G  

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