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For up-to-date prices, please refer to the pricing website.

This page intends to provide further technical detail on the pricing constructs used throughout Programmable Wireless.

Programmable Wireless Pricing Components

There are four primary components to your Programmable Wireless bill:

  1. SIM Monthly Fees
  2. Data
  3. Commands (M2M SMS)
  4. Suspension Fees

SIM Monthly Fees

SIM Monthly Fees are 'subscriber' fees that are charged for any active SIM on your account. This enables your SIM to connect to any available operator at any given time.

SIM Monthly Fees are charged on the first day of your SIM's billing cycle. The SIM's billing cycle starts on the day that it is activated, and recurs monthly on the same day of each subsequent month.


You are billed for data consumed by your SIMs. There are multiple data billing strategies – or "Data Metering Plans" – that you can select for your SIMs. The choice of Data Metering plan is specified on the SIM's Rate Plan. See also Understanding Rate Plans. The PAYG Data Metering Plan has no monthly minimum spend, while Quota-based Data Metering plans do.

With Programmable Wireless, data is always metered at the byte level. That means no PDP-context rounding or other rounding. Each SIM is billed for data in 100KB increments, on a per-network basis. These increments expire after one year if unused. For example: the data price for a given SIM/country is 10¢ per MB; when the first byte of data is consumed on a particular operator network, your Twilio account will be billed 1¢ (for 100KB); you won't be billed again for data on this particular SIM/network combination until the same SIM consumes its 101th KB, or until both a) one year has passed and b) a subsequent byte of data is consumed by this SIM on this network.


Commands are machine-to-machine SMS messages sent and received via the Commands API. Commands billing is purely usage-based. You will be billed for each individual Command SMS sent or received ('To SIM' or 'From SIM').

Suspension Fees

When you suspend a SIM, you reserve the right to reactivate it at any time in the future, in perpetuity. This carries with it a small fee that is billed in the same style as the SIM Monthly Fee. The first three months of suspension are always free.

To avoid suspension fees, it is possible to deactivate a SIM instead. This is a permanent action, and after 72 hours it will no longer be possible to reactivate the SIM. See SIM Statuses.

National Roaming

National roaming is a USA-only concept. National roaming grants a SIM the ability to roam onto a small set of US-based operator networks in locations where the primary operator (T-Mobile USA) does not attempt to offer service. That is to say, national roaming is not necessarily used in areas of poor coverage, but rather in areas where T-Mobile USA does not operate its own radio network.

  • National roaming is disabled by default, and priced differently to regular US data consumption.
  • All national roaming data is billed at a constant rate of $0.1000 per MB ($100 per GB).
  • All national roaming Commands SMS are billed at $0.1000 per Command (To SIM or From SIM).
  • There is no Quota-based tiering or discounts for national roaming data.

Due to the difference in pricing from the T-Mobile network, National Roaming requires the `national_roaming_enabled` flag to be set to `true` on a SIM's [Rate Plan](/docs/wireless/api/rate-plan).

Please consider the necessity of national roaming to your use case before enabling it. For high consmption use cases, it is not recommended.

Understanding Data Quotas

For low usage devices, the "Pay as you go" (PAYG) Data Metering plan is provided. With PAYG data, you'll only pay for the data you consume, with no minimum data spend per SIM per month.

For higher usage devices, it is probably more cost effective to use a Quota-based Data Metering plan. With a Quota-based plan, you agree to a minimum data spend, or "Quota" level per SIM per month. In return, you will receive discount rates in every country, with more significant discounts for higher Quotas.

Even on a Quota plan, data is still priced per megabyte and metered at byte-level. But at the end of your SIM's billing month, you either pay for exactly what you consumed, or the Quota price, whichever is higher.

Let's work through an example of a mid-consumption IoT use case:

  • Let's say your use case necessitates 400MB per month and your fleet will be deployed in the USA and Mexico.
  • At the time of writing, with our new $10 Quota plan, USA data is 2¢ per MB and Mexico data is 5¢ per MB.
  • A given device consumes 400MB exclusively in the USA, its data bill works out to (400 x $0.02 = $8). Because this is less than the minimum data spend specified by the $10 Quota, you would pay $10.
  • Another device consumes 200MB of its consumption in the USA and the other 200MB in Mexico. Its data bill works out to (200 x $0.02 = $4) + (200 x $0.05 = $8), for a total of $12. Because this exceeds the minimum data spend specified by the Quota, you'll pay for exactly what was consumed: $12 in total.

A Quota for each use case

For our self-service pricing, we are offering three Quota levels: $1, $10 and $50. Our intent is that these plans respectively solve for "IoT" (think sensors and actuators), "Broadband IoT" (think digital signage), and "high-usage multimedia devices" (think cameras). To help you estimate the best Quota plan for your use case, we've added a calculator to the Wireless Console (requires login).

International Data Pricing Reference

This information is available on the pricing website.

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