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Programmable Wireless: Order and register your first Twilio SIM

Programmable Wireless SIM cards come in all sizes to fit into any cellular connected device.

The Programmable Wireless section of the Console enables you to manage your account, and to order and configure SIMs, whether SIM Starter Packs and/or Multi-Size SIM cards.

In the next five minutes, you’ll learn about the Twilio SIM, how to get one, and how to register it with your Twilio Account.

I'm ready. Let's get my Programmable Wireless SIMs

How do I order my Programmable Wireless SIMs?

You order programmable wireless SIMs from the Console.

You can order SIM Starter Packs, Multi-Size SIM Card Packs, or Embedded SIM Packs.

What’s the difference between a SIM Starter Pack, a Multi-Size SIM Card Pack, and an Embedded SIM Pack?

SIM Starter Pack A SIM Starter Pack contains three multi-size SIM cards (2FF/mini, 3FF/micro, and 4FF/nano) per pack. SIMs in a SIM Starter Pack are not pre-registered to a particular Twilio account and come with registration instructions so that they can be easily shared with other developers on your team.
Multi-Size SIM Card Pack A multi-size SIM (2FF/mini, 3FF/micro, and 4FF/nano) card is pre-registered to your Twilio account and ready to configure when the order is shipped. The minimum order quantity is 10.
Embedded SIM Pack Used for IoT, Embedded SIMs are solderable SIMs, pre-registered to a particular Twilio account and ready to configure when the order is shipped.

You choose which SIM pack you want using this form in the Console:


I’ve ordered SIM Starter Packs

SIM Starter Packs are easily registered using the Console. To get started, scroll down and click the big button below.

I’ve ordered Multi-Size SIM Card Packs

SIMs ordered as Multi-Size SIM Cards are pre-registered to the account that placed the order. All you need to do is to configure the SIMs:

  1. Navigate to the SIMs section of the Console.
  2. Click on any SIM that you wish to configure.
  3. Enter a name in the Unique Name input field.
  4. Click the red + button to the right of the Rate Plan input field.
  5. Follow the steps in the guide Understanding Rate Plans to create a Rate Plan.
  6. Click Save Changes.

I’ve ordered Embedded SIM Packs

For information about using Embedded SIMs, please contact Twilio sales.

Let’s register and activate my Starter Pack SIM

I’ve got a Starter SIM

You can register a SIM with your account in just a few minutes using the SIM registration workflow:

Step 1. Enter the Registration Code

The registration code is the unique alphanumeric code written above the barcode on the back of a Programmable Wireless SIM.

  1. Select SIMs from the Programmable Wireless menu.
  2. Click the red + button and select Register a SIM.
  3. Enter the SIM’s registration code.
  4. Accept the Programmable Wireless Terms and Conditions to continue.
  5. Click the Register SIM Card button.


Step 2. Choose a Unique Name

The unique name is a convenient way to identify your SIM in the Console and through the REST APIs.

  1. Enter a friendly name in the Unique Name field.
  2. Click Continue.


Step 3. Create or choose a Rate Plan

A Rate Plan defines the capabilities and sets the restrictions of each SIM associated with the plan.

You can create and add a new Rate Plan to your account, or select an existing Rate Plan. If your account doesn’t have any Rate Plans yet, you can create one now.

  1. Click the red + button to open the Create a Rate Plan wizard.
  2. Make your selections accordingly.


Detailed information about Rate Plans is available in Understanding Rate Plans.

When you have finished the Wizard, your SIM’s Rate Plan will have been set.

  • Click Continue.


Step 4. Activate your SIM

To complete the registration, you need to actitvate your SIM.

  • Click Activate Now.


My SIM’s registered. What’s next?

Next Steps

Your SIM is now able to access the cellular network. The next step is to configure your device’s Access Point Name (APN), to allow it to send and receive your data.

Please see the separate guide, Twilio APN Configuration, for details.

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