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Acqueon Engagement Integration

Acqueon Engagement is a customer experience management solution that provides omnichannel campaign management and a powerful dialer for proactive customer engagement. Acqueon Engagement offers a native integration with Twilio Flex to create precise contact strategies for prioritizing and engaging with customers through their preferred channels.

Acqueon Engagement and Flex Architecture.

The Acqueon Engagement integration provides the following features for your Twilio Flex contact center:

  • Built-In Dialer
    Acqueon Auto Dialer supports predictive, progressive, preview, and agentless dialing modes. The dialer includes Configurable Call Progress Analysis (CPA) and Answering Machine Detection (AMD) to connect agents to live calls and maximize the use of their time.

    Acqueon Engagement Dialer in Flex.
  • Omnichannel Communications
    Agents can engage in 2-way conversations with customers using voice, email, text-SMS, and messaging channels. Campaigns can leverage live agents or be automated using voicemail drops.
  • Contact Data and Segmentation
    Acqueon Engagement provides an import utility, pre-built integrations, and APIs to load contacts from multiple sources. The data onboarding process includes duplicate records resolution and the scrubbing of known litigators. A comprehensive set of tools is also provided for list segmentation and data aggregation.
  • Data Privacy and Compliance
    Numerous compliance checks can be easily activated, including Do Not Call (DNC) numbers filtering and segmentation of contacts based on Prior Express Written Consent (PEWC). These tools let you conform with privacy regulations including TCPA, GDPR, CCPA, and Ofcom.
  • Campaign Optimization
    The Contact Selection Strategy builder lets you prioritize contacts with precision. Contact Selection Strategies can leverage AI-predictions including Best Time To Call (BTTC), best channel to use, and propensity models.
  • Monitoring and Control
    The Acqueon Engagement dashboard lets you control campaign execution in real time. Campaigns can be activated or scheduled. Administrators can make instant changes or clone campaigns without IT support.

    Acqueon Engagement Campaign Dashboard.
  • Agent Blending
    Acqueon Engagement provides the ability for agents to seamlessly transition between inbound and outbound operations. Agents can handle interactions from the Flex UI using a set of plugins including call guides, dispositions, or customer journey visualization.
  • Reporting
    The integration provides a comprehensive set of near real-time and historical campaign reports that are accessible in Flex Insights.

To learn more about supported features and how you can get started, contact Acqueon Sales at

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