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Migrate from Legacy Messaging



Flex Conversations requires Flex UI 2.0. If you are on Flex UI 1.x, please refer to Chat and Messaging pages.

To migrate an account from Flex Legacy Messaging to Flex Conversations, start by going through the Conversations prerequisites and updating your account configuration accordingly.

Migration steps for each Address

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Each Address on Flex Legacy Messaging can be migrated over to Conversations at its own time and individually.



The following is only available for migrating Addresses without production traffic.

Before migrating a Legacy Address over to Conversations, note the following:

  • Long-lived is not supported out-of-box in Flex Conversations.
  • If you are using a Studio Flow, make sure the "Incoming Conversation" trigger is mapped.
  • If you have a webhook configured to handle the contact, the code in your webhook endpoint may need to be migrated.

    • If you are creating a Task, you should instead create an Interaction. See Interactions API for more information.
    • If you are invoking any Programmable Chat or Proxy API, you may need to replace it with Conversations API invocations.
  • If you are using integration type "Task", you may want to look at how to implement the outbound use cases by referring to creating outbound interactions . Flex Conversations doesn't currently support the Task integration type - you should replace it with Studio or webhook.

Steps to migrate an Address

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  1. Make sure the Address has no production traffic.
  2. Remove the Legacy Messaging Address (Flex > Manage > Messaging > Legacy, find your Address, delete it).
  3. Create a new Conversations Address for that same Phone Number or WhatsApp Number (see the steps to create an SMS or a WhatsApp Conversations address via the Flex Console or the API).

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