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Integrate Flex with Alvaria WFM

Alvaria Workforce Management provides the foundation for operating an efficient and cost-effective contact center. By integrating historical and real-time information from Twilio Flex, Alvaria WFM delivers accurate forecasting of necessary staff, schedules individual agents at specific times during the day, and provides real-time monitoring of agent adherence to their assigned schedules.

Alvaria Workforce Dashboard.


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The Twilio Flex and Alvaria WFM integration offers the following features:

  • Modern and Simplified Web UI: Alvaria WFM utilizes modern device-agnostic Web UI design including icons, widgets and dashboards to provide an intuitive interface, so information is easy to access and understand. No plug-ins are required.
  • Omni-Channel: Alvaria WFM uses a patented simulation methodology to create optimized agent schedules across all skills, in all channels, whether voice or text-based.
  • Mobile Access: Easily view and manage schedules from anywhere using a dedicated mobile app or touch-tone IVR. You can send agents important notifications about schedule changes through email, SMS and mobile push.

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  • Clear Schedule Adherence: Agents can easily view how well they have been adhering to their assigned schedules. The graphical representations allow easy comparison of planned schedule vs. time actually worked side by side, so agents can self-correct without supervisor intervention.

    Alvaria schedule adherence.
  • View Schedules: Alvaria WFM presents schedules in a graphical, easily understandable way for agents, supervisors and managers. Additionally, the integration allows viewers to drill down on each time segment to get more detailed information.

    Alvaria Schedule Summary.

The Alvaria Implementation Guide will be made available to you when you become a customer. The Alvaria team will work with you to deploy the solution in your environment and provide detailed training on the product.

To learn more about supported features and how you can get started, contact one of Alvaria's regional sales teams: takes you to an external page).

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