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Configure the Leave and Pause options for email tasks


Not a HIPAA Eligible Service

Email in Twilio Flex is not a HIPAA Eligible Service and should not be used in workflows that are subject to HIPAA.

Email in Flex provides Leave and Pause options that enable agents to temporarily close a conversation and move on to other tasks.

If you want these options to be available to agents, you must enable them. They are not enabled by default.

How does Leave work?

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When an agent sends an email and expects a customer to reply, they can click Leave to keep the conversation open while the agent moves on to other work. The conversation remains open until the customer replies, up to 90 days.

When the customer replies, the conversation is reactivated and a new task is created and routed to an agent. The task is not automatically routed to the same agent. The agent who opens the new task can see all previous messages in the conversation history as well as the new message.

When an agent receives an email task that they can't handle right now, but want to remain in their queue, they can select Task > Pause to put the task on hold. The task remains assigned to the agent in a paused state, and their capacity is released. This state is helpful when an agent needs to do some research or gather more information before responding.

When the agent is ready to resume work on the task, they can go to the task, scroll to the bottom, and click Resume.

Enable the Leave and Pause options

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If you want to enable the Leave and Pause options, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Flex - General settings(link takes you to an external page) in the Console.
  2. Under Conversation tasks workflows , in the Select Workflows section, select Leave , Pause , or both.
  3. Click Save .

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