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Configure the Flex Dialpad

Enable the Flex Dialpad in the Twilio Console

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  1. Ensure that you are using v1.18.0 or greater of the Flex UI.
  2. Log in to the Twilio Console and navigate to the Flex Voice Settings page(link takes you to an external page) .
  3. Toggle the Enable Dialpad switch so that it's set to enabled .
  4. Configure your Dialpad defaults with a Caller ID, TaskQueue, WorkFlow, and Country for your Dialpad defaults.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

Self-Hosted Flex: Upgrade the Flex-UI Node Module

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If you're using self-hosted Flex, you'll also need to upgrade the Flex UI to v1.18.0 to render the Flex Dialpad in your contact center. In order to use the outbound dialing capabilities in Flex, you'll need npm install permissions for your Flex codebase.

Update your Flex UI Node Module

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  1. In your Flex Project, run the following command to install the most recent version of the Flex UI.

npm install @twilio/flex-ui@1.18.0

The Flex Dialpad has various settings that you can modify. To see the defaults, log in to the Twilio Console and navigate to the Flex Settings page(link takes you to an external page).

Field NameDescription
Caller IDManage which Twilio phone number you want to use as the default Caller ID for outbound calls.
TaskQueueManage which TaskRouter TaskQueue you want to use for outbound calls. The agent must be a member of that TaskQueue. The queue will also be used for reporting in TaskRouter Events and Flex Insights.
TaskRouter WorkflowManage which TaskRouter Workflow you want to use for outbound calls. The workflow will be used to determine Task Reservation Timeout and Assignment Callback URL. Routing rules will be ignored, and the task will be assigned to the agent using the Dialpad.
CountryManage the default country code for your Dialpad. Choose a country code that will be the most useful for the majority of your agents.

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