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Migrate from the Legacy Dialpad

Flex now has a native Dialpad component that supports outbound dialing. If you're using a former iteration of the Dialpad, you can follow the steps below to migrate to the native functionality.

Remove the Legacy Dialpad

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In order to migrate, you need to remove the Legacy dialpad from your contact center. You may have a legacy Dialpad that was enabled as a pre-release feature, or added as a custom plugin to your Flex environment.

Turn off the Legacy dialpad pre-release feature

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Outbound Dialer Migration 1- Admin Panel Dialer.
  1. In the Agent view, you should see a Legacy Dialpad. Navigate to the Admin View.
The Flex Admin View with an arrow pointing to a button labeled 'manage' for pre release features.
  1. Select Manage under the Pre-Release Features Option.
An arrow pointing to the switch for toggling the legacy dialpad.
  1. Toggle the switch for the Dialpad so that it is off/disabled (circle is on the left hand side.)

The dialpad pre-release feature should now be turned off. If you still see a Legacy dialpad, then you may have released the dialpad via a Plugin.

Remove an existing Dialpad Plugin

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If you've deployed a custom version of the Dialpad via a Flex Plugin, you'll need to remove it from your Flex environment.



Ensure that you have an up-to-date copy of the Legacy Dialpad Plugin code available before you delete your Plugin. This will ensure that you can rollback your contact center to use the Legacy Dialpad if necessary.

If you are using an earlier version of the Plugin Builder, check your Runtime Assets in the Twilio Console(link takes you to an external page) and remove the Dialpad plugin.

If you are using the Plugin Builder v3 to deploy your Dialpad plugin, navigate to the Plugin folder in your terminal, and in your terminal run:

npm run remove

If you've hosted a Plugin on your own CDN, you'll need to remove the plugin from your CDN.

Enable the Native Dialpad

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Now that you've removed your Legacy dialpad, you can follow the standard instructions for enabling the native Flex dialpad!

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