Known Limitations

Public Beta Feature

As of Flex UI v1.18.0, Flex Dialpad is in Public Beta. The following is a list of known issues that the Twilio team is currently solving.

Known Bugs

Missing TaskQueue in Dialpad
The TaskQueue field in the Flex Dialpad may appear empty when your TaskQueues have not been used for 30 days or more. Reset the expiration on your TaskQueues by routing an inbound task to the Queue. Each outbound task and any transfers will reset the expiration time to 30 days.

Errors are not being added to the Twilio Debugger
Currently, any error that is triggered in an outbound Voice call are not being added to the Twilio Debugger. They are presented in the Agent's UI.

Flex Agents can trigger multiple concurrent Outbound Calls
An agent may be able to trigger concurrent Outbound calls. The Flex UI currently does not support multiple Voice calls, so the second call will fail when trying to dial the number.

No Support for TaskRouter's post_work_activity_sid
A post_work_activity_sid is not supported during an assignment callback for an Outbound call. The agent will not transition to this Activity Sid.

Flex vs Legacy Dialpad

Flex now has a native dialpad in the Flex UI, but your team may have implemented its own dialpad plugin or used Twilio's pre-release dialpad feature. If so, there may be feature gaps between your legacy version of the dialpad (a plugin or the pre-release feature) and the native feature. Before migrating to the native dialpad, consider your contact center's need to support agent-to-agent calling or transfers to phone numbers that are external to your contact center, like so:

Native vs Legacy Dialpad Flow Chart

If you do not require agent-to-agent direct calls or external transfers, you can enable the Flex Dialpad. If you have previously enabled the Legacy Dialpad, then please migrate from the Legacy Dialpad.

To avoid service interruptions and to avoid confusing agents, make sure to enable the native Flex Dialpad before disabling the legacy version.

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