Test the Sample Voice, SMS, and Chat Experience

Flex built-in channels: voice, SMS, chat

While you can take Flex in any direction you choose, we've stocked it with enough features out of the box to help you plan your journey!

When you launch your instance, the phone number Twilio provisions for your account can accept voice calls and SMS. We also add a basic chat preview. Let's walk through each of the three channels now.

Answer voice calls in Flex

Write down the phone number assigned to your Flex instance. You can find it on the upper right corner of the Admin panel under Test Drive.


Start by making a voice call from your own phone to your Flex account's phone number, then follow the steps below to answer the call in Flex. Make sure you are available to accept tasks in Flex (“Available” would be a good status, unless you have customized the Activities for your Flex account).

On a trial account, you will hear a message from Twilio asking you to press any key to execute the call. After the recording, hit any number on a cell phone or touch-tone phone to continue.

  1. When you hear it ringing, navigate to the Agent Desktop in your Flex Instance, or click Stack on the left sidebar:
  2. Accept the phone call by clicking the green box next to the incoming number. Depending on when you accept the call, your phone might be playing hold music.
  3. Verify the call went through on your phone (you may need to accept browser access to your speakers and microphone).
  4. Click Hang up to end the Voice call.
  5. Click Complete to end your wrapup time as an agent.

Wrapup time comes immediately after a conversation ends. This gives agent time to do assigned tasks after a call, or take notes.

Respond to SMS in Flex

If you haven't yet, make a note of the phone number assigned to your Flex instance. You can find it on the Admin panel.

  1. Send an SMS from your cell phone to your Flex phone number.
  2. Inside Flex navigate back to the Agent Desktop, or click the "Stack" button on the left sidebar as you've done with your incoming call.

  3. Accept the incoming request by clicking the green Accept button:
    Incoming SMS request in Flex
  4. Send a message back to your phone by typing in the chat interface and sending your well-crafted response:
  5. Verify you received the message you just sent from the Flex application to your phone.
  6. Click End Chat to finish the SMS session.
  7. Click Complete to wrap up the task.

Reply to chat requests in Flex

Chat is a native channel within your Flex instance. However, since it isn't yet integrated with your application, we've included a chat demo for your Flex instance. You can find the 'customer side' of chat inside the Admin panel.

  1. Navigate to the Admin panel.


  2. Click Launch under the Webchat heading in the Test Drive section to open up a web chat session.
    Test a web chat session
  3. A chat modal should load in a new tab, or you can click 'Chat With Us' on the lower right corner of the window.
  4. Enter a name and anything in the text field.
  5. Back on the Agent Desktop in your Flex Instance, accept the chat request:


  6. Respond to the customer chat message and notice the read receipts on the agent side:


  7. Click End Chat to end the chat session.
  8. Click Complete to end the agent wrapup.

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