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Send Outbound Messages with Flex Conversations Channels

Flex Conversations requires Flex UI 2.0. If you are on Flex UI 1.x, please refer to Messaging in Flex pages.

Flex Conversations currently does not support displaying the customer's WhatsApp Profile Name.

You can use the /Interactions endpoint to implement additional opportunities for agents to send an outbound SMS, WhatsApp, Chat, Email, Facebook message (Public Beta), and Google Business message (Public Beta).

Some practical examples include a “click-to-sms” or “click-to-email” functionality in your CRM integration.

Parameters in REST API format
post object Not PII

The Interaction's channel.

post object Not PII

The Interaction's routing logic.

post sid<HQ> Not PII

The Interaction context sid is used for adding a context lookup sid

On your outbound request, you must set the initiated_by property to "agent". Also, there are specific field requirements depending on your channel type. See Interactions resource request parameters for the different properties you can set.

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        Outbound SMS

        Outbound WhatsApp

        Please note, creating outbound WhatsApp interactions is very similar to outbound SMS. However, you will need to create outbound templates in order for an agent to initiate contact.

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              Outbound WhatsApp

              Once your interaction is created, grab the conversation SID (prefixed by CH) and pass it as a parameter when you create a conversation message.

              curl -X POST \
              --data-urlencode "Author=agentname" \
              --data-urlencode "Body=Hello world" \
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