Upgrade Flex Plugins CLI

The Flex Plugins CLI can be upgraded using the Twilio CLI. Your first step is keeping the Twilio CLI up-to-date. Details are available in the CLI Quickstart Guide. The Twilio CLI will always report if a new version is available when you are executing twilio commands.

Upgrading the Flex Plugin CLI

The Flex Plugin CLI can be updated using the original install command used when setting up your development environment.

1. Identify the latest available version of the Flex Plugin CLI.

$ npm show @twilio-labs/plugin-flex

2. Check the version of the Flex Plugins CLI currently installed on your local environment.

$ twilio plugins
@twilio-labs/plugin-flex 1.0.0

3. Upgrade to the latest version available.

$ twilio plugins:install @twilio-labs/plugin-flex

Upgrading your plugins

Upgrading the Plugins CLI will not affect any of your existing plugins. Make sure to follow our guide for updating your plugins and keeping everything up-to-date.

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