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WebChat 2.0 Overview



This page is for Flex Webchat 2.0. There are two other webchat tools available: Flex Webchat 3.0 and the Webchat React App.

If you are adding webchat for the first time, we recommend using Webchat 3.0.

If you are using Flex Webchat 2.0, you can continue using it or migrate to Webchat 3.0.

What is Flex Webchat 2.0?

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Flex Webchat 2.0 is a chat widget that you can embed on your website. The widget helps your customers chat with an agent without needing to leave your webpage. It is natively integrated with the Flex Contact Center.

What can you do with Webchat 2.0?

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The Flex WebChat experience is fully customizable. WebChat can be customized in the following ways:

Set up and use WebChat 2.0 in your environment.

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