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Install Flex Plugins CLI

Install the Flex Plugins CLI

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The Flex Plugins CLI is available via the Twilio CLI. You can install it using the twilio plugins command:

twilio plugins:install @twilio-labs/plugin-flex

This will use the Twilio CLI's plugin functionality to install the Flex Plugins CLI capabilities. Under the hood, the Flex Plugins CLI uses the Flex Plugins API.


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In order to install the Flex Plugins CLI, you'll need:

  • Any macOS, Linux, or Windows machine
  • NPM version 6.0.0 or later (type npm -v in your terminal to check)
  • Node versions 14, 16 or 18 (type node -v in your terminal to check)
  • The Twilio CLI. Refer to the Quick Start Guide for installation instructions.

Checking your installed version

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The twilio plugins command will return details on all plugins you've installed on the Twilio CLI:

twilio plugins

The Flex Plugins CLI is installed if the plugin-flex version is 1.0.0 or greater:

@twilio-labs/plugin-flex 4.0.0

Uninstalling legacy versions of the Plugins Builder

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Legacy plugins were created by directly using the create-flex-plugin node package. The Flex Plugins CLI manages this dependency for you, and you can remove any prior installations you may have created. You can remove a global installation with:

npm uninstall -g create-flex-plugin

Now that you have installed the Plugins CLI, it is time to it learn how to use it with Flex Plugins. Migrate any existing plugins you have developed, review common development workflows, and get started with a new plugin.

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