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Migrate to Webchat 3.0 (Public Beta)


Public Beta

Flex Webchat 3.0 is currently available as a Public Beta product and the information contained in this document is subject to change. This means that some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Public Beta products are not covered by a Twilio SLA.



Not a HIPAA Eligible Service
Webchat 3.0 is not a HIPAA Eligible Service and should not be used in workflows that are subject to HIPAA.

This page describes the differences between Webchat 3.0 and other Flex webchat versions, as well as how to migrate to Webchat 3.0 from another webchat version.

Previously, Flex released Flex Webchat 2.0 and the Webchat React App. You can continue using your existing webchat or migrate to Webchat 3.0.

Webchat app comparison

webchat-app-comparison page anchor
Webchat 3.0Webchat React AppWebchat 2.0
Best for organizations that…Are setting up webchat for the first time in Flex UI 2.x

Using Webchat 2.0 and want to migrate for additional security features
Want to fully customize webchat and have development resources to build, deploy, and host itOrganizations using legacy messaging
Works with…Flex UI 2.x.xFlex UI 2.x.x and 1.x.xFlex UI 2.x.x and 1.x.x
App typeFlex nativeOpen-sourceFlex native
Hosted by TwilioYesNoYes
Built on…Twilio ConversationsTwilio ConversationsProgrammable Chat(legacy messaging)
Auto-generated embed code to add webchat to your websiteYesNoYes
Shields account information with a deployment keyYesNoNo
Uses fingerprinting for enhanced securityYesNoNo
Chat attachments availableYesYesYes, if enabled
Requires development effort to buildNoYesNo
Ability to include pre-engagement formYes. Form fields cannot be customized.YesYes
Ability to localize or update strings in the webchat UINoYesYes
Ability to configure the webchat UINoYesYes
Ability to change the theme, style, and brand of webchatNo. You can change to light or dark mode only.YesYes

If you're currently using Webchat 2.0

if-youre-currently-using-webchat-20 page anchor

You can continue using WebChat 2.0 as long as legacy messaging is supported. However, you may want to upgrade to Webchat 3.0. Webchat 3.0 is built on Conversations and includes enhanced security features.

If you are using Flex UI 1.x.x, you must upgrade to Flex UI 2.x.x before you can use Webchat 3.0.

To migrate to Webchat 3.0:

  1. Follow the instructions to set up a new Webchat 3.0 widget .
  2. In Step 4: Embed the webchat widget on your website , delete your Webchat 2.0 embed code and replace it with Webchat 3.0 embed code.

If you're currently using the Webchat React App

if-youre-currently-using-the-webchat-react-app page anchor

If you're using the Webchat React App, you can continue to use your existing webchat or migrate to Webchat 3.0. You may want to migrate to Webchat 3.0 if you'd like a solution that doesn't require development effort to build or maintain, is hosted by Twilio Flex, and includes enhanced security features.

To migrate to Webchat 3.0:

  1. Follow the instructions to set up a new Webchat 3.0 widget to create new chat addresses that are linked to deployment keys.
  2. Update your website to remove your existing Webchat React App deployment and add the embed code for the Webchat 3.0 widget.

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