Create a new release with new and updated Plugins

So, you've already created a Release that contains a few Plugin Versions. This guide takes you through the steps of how to roll out a new version of a plugin that is already active on your contact center or introduce a new plugin in your Flex contact center.

The recommended flow involves retrieving the currently active Release and the configuration associated with it. You can copy the list of current Plugins from the Configuration, and make your desired updates to the list. You need to then create a new Configuration, and finally, cut a new Release.

All of these steps can be accomplished via API - read on to get more detailed instructions.

Fetch The Active Release

Start by fetching the active Release. This will show you the current Configuration SID.


        Fetch the Active Release

        Read the list of Plugins active on your Contact Center

        Start by fetching the active Release. This will show you the current Configuration SID. You can read the plugins active on Flex, by looking up the configuration by the Configuration SID


              Fetch the Configuration associated with the Release


                    Retrieve List of Plugins

                    Create a new Configuration

                    Use the information from the old configuration to create a new Configuration. In this case, add the new Plugin Version SID you want to roll out to your Flex account, to the list of existing SIDs.

                    You could also update or remove an existing Plugin Version from the list.


                          Create a new Configuration

                          Finally, you're ready to create a new Release.


                                Create a new Release

                                Congratulations - you've successfully rolled out new changes to your contact center, and should see your updated Plugins on the Developer Setup Page in Flex.

                                Next Steps

                                Learn how to roll back your Release to an older Release

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