Flex UI Requirements

In order to comfortably run the Flex UI, an agent's computer must meet the following requirements:

CPU RAM Screen resolution
Minimum 2 Ghz 2 GB 1024x768

Software Requirements

Operating System Windows 10 and 11, MacOS, or Linux Ubuntu/Mint 64bit.

An up-to-date version of Google Chrome (Agent, Supervisor and Admin) or Microsoft Edge (Agent Desktop only). See the Microsoft Edge and Flex UI FAQ for more details.

Ensure that your browser is set to full screen or that browser width is at least 1024. Smaller window sizes may cause some Flex UI pages to not display correctly.

Microsoft Edge and Flex UI FAQ

Which versions of Flex UI are supported in Edge?
You can use the Agent Desktop in Flex UI versions 1.31.2 and above, and Flex UI 2.0.0-beta1 and above.

What parts of Flex UI can I use in Edge?
Currently only the Agent Desktop of the Flex UI is tested and fully supported in Edge.

What versions of Edge are supported?
Flex Agent Desktop can be used in the latest stable version of Edge on Windows and Mac.

Where can I find out more about Edge releases?
Microsoft posts release information for the Stable Channel of Edge on their website.

Network Requirements

This table shows the minimum recommended bandwidth for running Flex UI without significant effect on performance

Bandwidth Packets Dropped Delay


200 kb/s 20% 200 ms

This table shows the domains that should be allowlisted by VPNs & Proxies to ensure proper access to the Flex UI.




Used by a variety of Twilio Services, including ones related to Flex.


Used by Flex Insights


Used to serve static assets that we provide. This is commonly used for items such as SDK versions or standard media files


Used by Twilio Functions product. It's standard practice for many of our customers to use a Twilio Function and access them from Flex
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