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Export Data from Flex Insights via API

Learn how to export reports from within Insights to store the data in a warehouse of your own with this guide.

The export process consists of the following steps:


Before you start exporting data you will need to have:

  • a provisioned WFO Workspace
  • the credentials of a user with access to the Insights Workspace
  • a table report that contains data you need to export
  • REST API client support for cookies that are used to pass authentication tokens

API Authentication

Ensure that you are authenticated against the Flex Insights API by having a valid TT (temporary token).

The procedure is detailed at API Authentication

Export the raw report

Exporting the raw report is useful for getting machine-friendly data from any report created from your Flex Insights Analytics Portal. You will need the ID of the workspace and ID of the report object to export the data.

Workspace ID: Log in to the Analytics Portal and check the URL in the browser address bar. For example:

Workspace id

The workspace ID is the string appearing between the #s=/gdc/projects/ segment and the vertical bar. In this case, the workspace ID isz2nxqtb1r6weuly0iivexz6hu5dathua.

Object ID: Within Analytics Portal navigate to the report you'd like to export, and check the URL in the address bar. It may look like this:

Report ID

Object ID is the numerical expression at the very end of the URL and is typically preceded by obj/ segment. In the example above, Object ID is 3295.

The maximum report size for raw exports is 10GB. Exporting a report of this size may take minutes.







"report_req": {
"report": "/gdc/md/{workspace_id}/obj/{object_id}"



"uri": "/gdc/projects/{workspace_id}/execute/raw/{report_id}"

Log out

After you performed all necessary operations, you should log out to invalidate the SST.






Set-Cookie:GDCAuthTT=; path=/gdc; expires={date_and_time}; secure; HttpOnly; GDCAuthSST=; path=/gdc/account; expires={date_and_time}; secure; HttpOnly
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