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Tracking Settings



It's important to consider the privacy implications of enabling Click and Open tracking before enabling the feature. Depending on the country where your recipient resides, using this feature to track engagement may require the unambiguous consent of the recipient.

Click tracking

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Enabling Click Tracking causes all the links and URLs in your emails to be overwritten and pointed to either SendGrid's servers or the domain you branded your link with so that any time a customer clicks a link, SendGrid can track those clicks. SendGrid can track up to 1000 links per email.


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Status - On or Off

For more information about using this app, please refer to Google's URL Builder(link takes you to an external page) and their article on "Best Practices for Campaign Building(link takes you to an external page)".

We default the settings to Google's recommendations. Anything you enter into those fields in the app settings or via API will take precedence. For more information see Google Analytics.

Status - On or Off

Campaign Source - Name of the referrer source. (e.g. Google,, Marketing Email)

Campaign Medium - Name of the marketing medium. (e.g. Email)

Campaign Term - Identify paid keywords.

Campaign Content - Used to differentiate ads.

Campaign Name - Name of the campaign.



If you are using email link branding, then your open tracking image will be served from your branded domain instead of from

Open Tracking adds an invisible, one pixel image at the end of the email which can track email opens. If the email recipient has images enabled on their email client and a request to SendGrid's server for the invisible image is executed, then an open event is logged. These events are logged in the Statistics UI, Email Activity interface, and are reported by the Event Webhook.

When using this service customers often ask the difference between a unique open versus an open. A unique open is logged only the first time a given recipient opens the email whereas normal opens are logged for all opens of the email in question.

Status - On or Off

Replacement Tag - If you do not want the open tracking image to be inserted at the end of your email, it is possible to specify an alternative location by using a replacement tag and the open tracking SMTP API header.

If you are sending email through our v3 Web API, you may also enable the open_tracking parameter, and set the substitution_tag parameter to a value of your choice. You may insert that substitution tag anywhere in your email, and it will be replaced with the open tracking image.

Related Information - How Google's Image Caching effects your opens(link takes you to an external page)

Add automatic subscription management links to the bottom of emails. SendGrid will keep track of these unsubscribes and ensure these users don't get future emails from you.

You can customize the text attached to emails and customize the landing page. The links can be configured in whatever fashion suits your needs.

Replacement Tag - Your custom defined tag for your templates. Use this to place your unsubscribe URL wherever you want in your template. If you provide this, make sure you put it within an <a href= tag. If you don't provide this, your default unsubscribe content will be automatically added to the bottom of your email.

HTML Unsubscribe Content - The information and HTML for your unsubscribe link. In this HTML, you should include the link text you would like displayed in your email within the tag, like so:

<% Unsubscribe Here %>

Text Unsubscribe Content - The information in plain text for your unsubscribe link. You should have the <% %> tag in your content, otherwise the user will have no URL for unsubscribing.

Custom Landing Page URL - The URL where you would like your users sent to unsubscribe. This must be a valid URL.

SendGrid Landing Page (HTML) - The HTML that will be displayed on the page that your customers will see after clicking unsubscribe, hosted on SendGrid's server.



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Are there privacy best practices for Open and Click tracking?

Many privacy laws around the world require a service provider to get an individual's unambiguous consent before using technologies that track that individual's behavior, which is why many websites have pop-ups asking you to allow the use of cookies for that site. The transparent pixels that are included in emails are often seen as a behavioral tracking mechanism comparable to cookies.

Open Tracking is a process that embeds a tiny transparent image in the emails you send. When your recipient opens their email these images are requested from SendGrid's server. This allows SendGrid to create "open" events. These events are sent to the customer via webhooks and are available in Email Activity.

SendGrid's Marketing Campaigns service relies on Open Tracking so it is enabled by default. If you are using our Marketing Campaigns service and sending mail to recipients in jurisdictions that require this kind of unambiguous consent, it is important to ensure that your recipients have provided consent for cookies and other tracking before you send mail.

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