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Marketing Campaigns Statistics



This page refers to the current Marketing Campaigns product. If you're using legacy Marketing Campaigns, your workflow will be a little different and your screen won't look the same as the screenshots. Learn more about migrating from legacy Marketing Campaigns here.

With Marketing Campaigns email statistics, you can unlock the full potential with the right data at your fingertips. Use your data to guide you to the right strategy. Get insights about both marketing and transactional email for a 360-degree understanding of your audience's experience. Finally, use your data to brings results to life and share your performance with teammates and stakeholders.

Viewing Single Send or Automation Statistics

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Once you send a Single Send or set an Automation live, you can view related statistics.

  1. Navigate to the Single Send or Automation you want to view the statistics for.
  2. Click the name of the Single Send or Automation to view the statistics. From the statistics page, you will be able to see your bounces, clicks, opens, etc.


Want deeper data and insights? Twilio SendGrid's Deliverability Insights is a streamlined in-app dashboard that provides an actionable view of your email delivery performance over time.

With click tracking, you can see how many clicks each individual link in your Single Sends and Automation emails received. Marketing Campaigns lists each link separately, including links that appear multiple times. For example, links that appear at both the top and bottom of an email.

Marketing Campaigns will provide the "URL location" for each link, ordered top left to bottom right. You can use this to identify the link if multiple URLs are the same, and to understand which link locations are more or less engaging.



Click tracking was released on 7/16/2020. To enable click tracking for automations set live prior to 7/16/2020, pause the automation and set it to live once again. Click tracking will populate data from 7/16/2020 onward regardless of when it is set live.

Click tracking is not available for Single Sends sent prior to 7/16/20.

Click Tracking for A/B tests

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A/B tests are a special case for link click tracking.

Link tracking results.

Each tab shows all-time clicks for each of the variants sent as part of a test sample size, as opposed to clicks just earned during the testing period. For example, if the sample size for a Single Send was 100 emails for each variant, you would see the engagement with those 100 emails inclusive of and beyond the test period. In other words, if the test period is 24 hours, but someone who received the test email opened it 48 hours later, that click would be included in the variant tab.

This means that if the winner were selected by clicks, there's a chance that in a test period, Version B could win, but over time, Version A could end up earning more clicks.

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