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Unsubscribe via Subscription Tracking

What does it do?

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How do I enable Subscription Tracking?

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From your Account Overview page, visit the sidebar menu and click "Settings". From there, select "Tracking". Locate the Subscription Tracking option and click on the arrow on the right side and click on the "Off/On" button.

Unsubscription Tracking.

HTML Body Unsubscribe

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The first box to edit is for HTML formatted emails.

Notice that the words "click here" are wrapped with a <% %> symbols. This tells our system to link the words within the symbols to the unsubscribe URL. These will be the words that will be "clickable" in order to unsubscribe.

In this example, people will click "click here" in order to unsubscribe.

HTML Body Unsubscribe.

Change the Plain Text content as well. There won't be any clickable wording here though, since that is an HTML feature. The symbols <% %> will insert the unsubscribe URL. Users viewing the email in Plain Text will be able to click that URL in order to unsubscribe from your emails.

Subscribe form email.

Note: It is important to have the <% %> symbols in the plain text body version in order for the links to be added.

<p>If you would like to stop receiving these emails <a href=”[unsubscribe]”>click here</a></p>

What is a landing page?

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This section allows you to create a page that appears once the unsubscribe link is clicked. So, once a recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, they will get redirected to this landing page you have created.

Unsubscription landing page.

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