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Device Statistics



Parent accounts will see aggregated statistics for their account and all subuser accounts. Subuser accounts will only see their own statistics.

The clients report breaks down which devices and clients are most frequently used to open the mail you send. The devices and types that SendGrid tracks are:

DesktopEmail software on desktop computer I.E. Outlook, Sparrow, or Apple Mail.
WebmailA web-based email client (Yahoo, Google, AOL,, etc.).
PhoneA smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc.).
TabletA tablet computer (iPad, android based tablet, etc.).
OtherAn unrecognized device.

Top 5

top-5 page anchor

The top 5 section will show you the most engaged email clients and devices based on the selected metric. By default, clicks are selected, but you can change that by choosing a metric from the button at the top of this section. You can change which metrics, date, or grouping by adjusting the statistics filters.

Individual Metrics Activity

individual-metrics-activity page anchor

Based on the selected devices and metric at the top of this page, this graph will refresh. You can see how your recipients engage with your emails by device type over time.

You can remove individual device types from the list at the top of the page. This will affect all the data on this page.

To change this graph to see another metric for your recipient's devices, choose the metric from the button at the top of this page.

Individual Metrics Figures

individual-metrics-figures page anchor

When you initially choose the devices to compare, this graph will show you the actual open numbers over time for each of the compared devices.

You can remove individual devices from the list of devices at the top of this page. The graph will refresh, showing only the selected subusers.

You can also choose to show actual counts or percentages by clicking the corresponding button above and to the right of the table.



Want deeper data and insights? With SendGrid Email Insights Reports(link takes you to an external page), you'll get access to more data about your email performance plus customized insights from a deliverability consultant.

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