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The Weblink Substitution Tag

Your emails will likely be opened on a variety of email clients that all support different HTML and CSS features. Email clients may display messages incorrectly, and, in some cases, they may not open a message at all.

Inconsistent behavior across email clients is inconvenient at best, and it presents real barriers for recipients who rely on accessibility tools such as screen readers.

The Marketing Campaigns Weblink feature makes it possible for recipients to view your email in a Web browser where modern HTML and CSS, as well as accessibility features, are better supported. This feature enhances the email experience for your marketing campaigns.



Please note that the Weblink substitution tag is a feature exclusively available in our Marketing Campaigns.

Design Editor

design-editor page anchor

When using the Design Editor, you can add a Weblink as the URL for any link in your design.

When using the Code Editor to build your design, you can add {{Weblink}} as the href attribute for any anchor tag where the link should appear.

The Code Editor interface with {{Weblink}} assigned to an href attribute.

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