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Account Details


Twilio Unified Login users

For users who are using the Unified Login feature, use the Twilio Console(link takes you to an external page) to update your account details. If you have any questions about Unified Login or need assistance, reach out to the SendGrid support team(link takes you to an external page).

The content on this page pertains to SendGrid users who are not yet using Unified Login.

Edit Your SendGrid Profile

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Your profile provides SendGrid with the information we need to contact you with alerts and notifications as well as send and track your emails.

To edit your account information:

  1. Click the edit icon next to the section you wish to change.
  2. Once you have made your changes, click Save . This will only save the settings for that section. If you decide to abandon your changes, click Cancel .

First Name - This is the first name of the representative from your company who should receive contacts from SendGrid.

Last Name - This is the last name of the representative from your company who should receive contacts from SendGrid.

Email address - This is the address where you will be contacted by SendGrid for any account-level alerts and notifications such as billing notifications. This must be a valid and active email address that you routinely check.



Once you've changed your contact email, you will need to confirm the new email address. You will be prompted to send a confirmation email to your inbox. Click Send Confirmation Email to finalize the change. Make sure you click the link in the confirmation email to receive account updates at your new address.

Username - Your SendGrid Username is used to access our API and our SMTP Relay. Changing this will immediately cause all of your calls to SendGrid to stop working.

Password - All SendGrid account passwords have the following requirements:

  • Password must contain between 16 to 128 characters
  • Password can't contain repeating characters of 3 or more consecutive characters (e.g. "AAAbcdef")
  • Password can't contain username or email information
  • Password can't contain non-ASCII characters

Company - The name of your company.

Address 1 - The first line of your address.

Address 2 - The second line of your address, if your business has one.

City - The city in which your company operates.

State - The state or province in which your company operates.

Country - The country in which your company operates.

Zip - The zip code in which your company operates.

Timezone - The timezone in which your company operates. This setting will be used by other SendGrid functionality such as Statistics and scheduling sends in Marketing Campaigns. Please make sure that your timezone is set to the same as your business.



If you find that your scheduled sends or statistics seem like they are not quite correct, please double check your timezone.

Website - Your company's website

Phone - Your company's phone number, where SendGrid can reach the representative that should be contacted.

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