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Category Statistics



This information will be stored as a "Not PII" field and may be used for counting or other operations as SendGrid runs its systems. These fields generally cannot be redacted or removed. You should take care not to place PII in this field. SendGrid does not treat this data as PII, and its value may be visible to SendGrid employees, stored long-term, and may continue to be stored after you've left SendGrid's platform.



Category statistics are available for the previous thirteen months only.



Effective February 1, 2022, Twilio SendGrid will limit the number of stored category statistics available per user. Accounts on a paid plan will be allowed 1,000 categories daily. Accounts on a free plan will be allowed 100 categories daily. For more information about this change, see the Limitations section of our "Working with Categories" page.

Categories can help organize your email analytics by enabling you to "tag" emails by type. Just as you can view the statistics on all your email activity, you can go a step further and view the statistics broken down to a particular category.

The actual statistics included vary depending upon your account settings. Emails sent, bounces, and spam reports will always get tracked. Unsubscribes, clicks, and opens require that the associated settings are enabled.

In order to see statistics for a category, select the category and the page will show you both a graph and a table of your category's email statistics.

You can change which metrics, date, or grouping by adjusting the statistics filters.


figures page anchor

The figures table gives you all of the specific counts or percentages of each event, according to how you've grouped your statistics (day, week, or month). For example, if you wanted to see what percentage of the emails you sent were actually opened on the second week of April, this is a great place to check.

This table will refresh with new or adjusted data based on the various filters available at the top of the page. You can also choose to show actual counts or percentages, by clicking the corresponding button above and to the right of the table.

Using Categories with the SMTP API



Want deeper data and insights? Twilio SendGrid's Deliverability Insights is a streamlined in-app dashboard that provides an actionable view of your email delivery performance over time.

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