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Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication, commonly referred to as multi-factor authentication, allows you to make your SendGrid account more secure by requiring authentication beyond a simple username and password when logging in.



SendGrid no longer accepts Basic authentication (username and password) for API calls when two-factor authentication is enabled for a user. You can now only use two-factor authentication if you are authenticating with an API key. For more information, see Authentication.

Twilio SendGrid's Two-Factor Authentication can be configured to accept a code sent to your mobile phone either via the Authy App(link takes you to an external page), or an SMS message. Enabling 2FA does not require an Authy account, but if you have one, you will be able to use either the Authy App(link takes you to an external page) or SMS messages.

Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

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Before setting up two-factor authentication, ensure you have access to your account email address. You can do this by visiting your Account Details(link takes you to an external page) and reviewing your email address under Your Account > Personal Info.

If you need to update your email address, click the pencil icon to update to an email address you can access, send a confirmation email, and visit your inbox to confirm your email address by clicking the link in the email address change confirmation email.

Once you have confirmed access to your account email address, you may choose from 2 different verification methods when using two-factor authentication:

  1. Generate a verification code with the Authy App(link takes you to an external page) . The Authy App allows you to authenticate over WiFi if you do not have cellular service and allows you to send your code as an SMS message. If you use Authy, enable the Authy backup feature(link takes you to an external page) to help prevent getting locked out of your account.
  2. Enter a code sent to your mobile phone that is generated by SendGrid.


When authenticating via SMS message, you must have cellular service, or you will not be able to log into your account.

To set up Two-Factor Authentication:

  1. Navigate to Settings , and click Two-Factor Authentication . From this page, you see an overview of your Two-Factor Authentication settings, along with any settings that you have created for credentialed users.
  2. Click Add Two-Factor Authentication .
  3. Select either the Authy App or text messages (SMS) as your means of authentication.
  4. Enter your country code and phone number .


Subusers and Teammates need to create their own Two-Factor Authentication settings in their account using the same steps.

Using Two-Factor Authentication

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After you create a setting for Two-Factor Authentication, log in as you normally would. If you opt to receive a text message with your authentication token, look for the text message and enter the code that you receive. If you have selected the Authy App, go to your app, and enter the generated code.

Once set up, you will always be required to use Two-Factor Authentication to perform security-restricted actions in your SendGrid account, such as logging in or changing your Two-Factor Authentication settings. When prompted, enter the 7-digit token sent to your device, or generated by the Authy App.

To provide secure access to multiple users of your account we recommend adding Teammates and enabling two-factor authentication for each Teammate. If you cannot add Teammates, use the Multi-device feature on Authy(link takes you to an external page).

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

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To disable or delete a Two-Factor Authentication setting:

  1. Navigate to Settings , and click Two-Factor Authentication .
  2. Find the setting you would like to delete.
  3. Click the action menu , and then select Delete .
  4. Enter the 7 digit code you receive via text or Authy app into the field and then click Delete .

Regaining access to my account after being locked out by Two-Factor Authentication

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If you find that you've lost access to your account as a result of Two-Factor Authentication, please reach out to the Authy Support Team(link takes you to an external page).

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