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The Configuration Object is not directly accessible when using However, all of the same values can be set as ui_attributes using Flex's Configuration REST API.

First, make a GET request to, copy the response and modify any fields you need. You can update any modifiable property on the Configuration resource.


        Once you've made your changes, POST the new object as your configuration.

        When POST-ing configuration values to ui_attributes, a full JSON object must be provided. This means you should:

        • GET the existing configuration
        • Modify the JSON to add/update/remove your desired properties
        • POST the result as the new configuration

              Use Case

              One property that would be updated often is ui_attributes. You can use this property to configure Flex UI's functionality, disable plugins, override the current theme, and more. For example, you can set the ui_attributes property to:

                "logLevel": "debug",
                "theme": {
                  "isLight": false
                ... // other existing values

              This will update the logger's level and disable light theme. Once you've made your changes, POST the new object as your configuration. To see a full list of available properties that can be altered under ui_attributes, see the Flex UI Configuration resource.

              ui_attributes is loaded even for self-hosted deployments of Flex. Any conflicting properties provided in an appConfig configuration object are given precedence when Flex loads.

              When you POST the new object, you might get an error like the below:

                "code": 45004,
                "message": "You are not allowed to modify property for [flex_service_instance_sid, runtime_domain, taskrouter_workspace_sid, service_version, taskrouter_offline_activity_sid, status].",
                "more_info": "",
                "status": 400

              This error indicates that these fields are protected and can't be updated through the API. To successfully POST the updates, remove these fields from the POST body.

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