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Twilio Client: Error Codes

All Twilio Client error codes are five-digit integers beginning with 31.

310xx Series: General Errors

31000Generic Twilio Client error. No further information available. Check the debugger for more info.
31001Application not found.
31002Connection declined. Check the debugger for more information on the actual cause.
31003Connection timeout.

311xx Series: Malformed Requests

31100Generic malformed request.
31101Missing parameter array in request.
31102Authorization token missing in request.
31103Length of parameters cannot exceed MAX_PARAM_LENGTH.
31104Invalid bridge token.
31105Invalid client name.

312xx Series: Authorization Errors

31201Generic unknown error.
31202JWT signature validation failed.
31203No valid account.
31204Invalid JWT token.
31205JWT token expired.
31206Rate exceeded authorized limit.
31207JWT token expiration too long.
31208User denied access to microphone.